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Would you help me word this?

Asked by LornaLove (9388points) February 18th, 2014

I am currently working as a copywriter from home. My partner managed to secure a great job where we get regular jobs from this person and they pay quickly too.

This year and last year, we have enjoyed regular income from this person and because of this have tended to want to feature this income into our life plan.

Obviously we do not know how long the work will continue, it is for a site that seems to be very successful although I have not seen the site yet.

How can I ask them how long they anticipate the work coming in without seeming pushy? Let’s call the work ‘batches’ for the purpose of this question.

We will say something like: ‘Love the work and we are enjoying it immensely do you anticipate more work over January and February?’. They will say in reply ‘Yes! We have over 200 batches here!’ (Or something like that). We know they have tons of writers they are sending to.

How can we ask them for a time frame? Or is that something we should not ask?

I am also looking for other ‘pyjama work’, i.e. working from home in this way, if anyone knows of anything.

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Just sent them a kind card of thanks for their relationship with your business, and add a note that having a time frame to plan ahead with would be most helpful to you in regards to scheduling future efforts. Ongoing communication is good to have, so that when questions come up, there has already been contact, making things less spotty. Perhaps you could use periodic updates, something to keep you on their mind. Contact doesn’t have to be frequent, but regular is important. If they come to expect to hear from you from time to time, there will be no awkwardness about approaching new subjects.

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This is my advice. You can say : Sir in order to achieve your target as soon as possible, i think it will be better if you can give me some confirmation about the workload of every month and i can have a shedule to give priority to your assigning task. Besides, your assigning task can’t be affected by emergency.

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Fascinating question that generates more questions. Submitting work which is accepted for better than a year without once visiting the site to see if your work is being utilized? How can you stand it? Without knowing the nature of the site or subject, I can’t see how it would be pushy to ask about the anticipated duration of future work. A sensible person would want to know, if only for reasons of scheduling, and as you state, “planning your life”. The answer, of course would depend on the length of viability of the site, and your client’s satisfaction with your work. The BIG factor is the “tons of writers”. I’m sure I’m missing something, but are you in effect competing with these other writers for work from your client? If so, then I’m more than surprised that you have yet to see the site, I’m straight-up flabbergasted. If you are in competition with a bunch of other copywriters, your question might well be unanswerable.

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Dear so and so,

We are reaching out to you to graciously thank you for the work you are sending our way. This relationship has exceeded our expectations in a very good way and at this time would like to inquire as to what your future needs for our services might entail. We are simply seeking a sense of direction and duration so that we can ensure our ability to meet your future needs and expectations.

Perhaps we can schedule a phone conference or meeting at your convenience to discuss this in further detail.

Respectfully yours

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^^^ Perfect except for the “gracious.” The reader and not the writer decides what is gracious.

You left out a comma and “we” here; a very good way, and at this time ..< > would like to inquire...

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Thanks for making those points and corrections @gailcalled!

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Also, if they’ve “exceeded your expectations” it is redundant to say “in a very good way.”

I would probably use a more informal tone if I were writing it to a Web site provider and say something like:

Dear So and So,

We have really been enjoying the projects we have been doing for you! In order to plan our work load for the next several months, we would like to know how many more projects you anticipate needing us to work on in the near future.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Nothing like having a group of friendly copywriters – interesting to see how these versions got improved one by one till they were:
PERFECT!!! Go jellies go.

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