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Why did it take them FOUR HOURS to issue the Amber Alert?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36370points) February 19th, 2014

At about 5:00 yesterday afternoon a 10 year old girl, Hailey Owens, was abducted by a stranger in Springfield, Mo. At 9:00 last night people’s phones started blowing up with the Amber Alert.

At around midnight they had a suspect in custody, and initial reports say they found her body. She’d been murdered.

Why couldn’t they get the alert out much earlier? It could have made all the difference in the world.

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You would need to ask those directly involved.

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Did the reporting party contact law enforcement at 5 PM?

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Yes, immediately. A neighbor saw it happen and chased after the vehicle to get the license plate number. The actual time was 4:48.

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They had eye witness information including a description of the vehicle, the man who grabbed her and the license plate. I am “assuming” with that much detailed information police protocol would be to issue an APB within the department and give them there time to locate and apprehend the guy. I do believe if they announced it publicly that would alert the perpetrator that he has been id’d and experience would show that criminals panic when they know they are identified and “eliminate” the evidence and flee the area. I think they wanted to keep things quiet and give them a chance to sneak up on him.

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I can’t speak for Missouri. Several months ago in georgia, we had a spate of Amber Alert messages which were put out in a short period of time by some over-eager law enforcement people. It turned out that they hadn’t done any due diligence (and barely any investigation) before they put out the alert.

So here, at least, the powers that be decided to require some additional supporting reason to put out an Amber Alert, one more than just one person’s say-so. The theory is that if you send out to many alerts, for no real good reason, people end up ignoring them.

That might be what happened in Missouri.

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The victim is white. It is surprising that they took so long.

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I am in Springfield, MO actually and here’s the local story explaining FBI participation, etc..

@elbanditoroso Our history does have some racism way back and there are still some around, but we have a very diverse culture as a college town.

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I think that last comment was way out in left field @elbanditoroso.

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I just read a news report that said the Amber Alert was issued at 7. Bullshit. (No, there is no time difference between here and Springfield.)

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@Dutchess_III We interrupted our regular programming at 5pm, I believe to tell the general public.

And thanks, I hate when people think we’re all racists, it’s such hillbilly stereotyping- ugh.

I mean we are a college and major medical city, it’s not po-dunk and rednecks don’t roam about with open beer cans. Now outside Springfield in the small towns like mine, it may be a little more stereotypical with the older folks still kind of holding on to all that, but interracial couples live in my town so it’s not something to be scared of or antagonistic. Black is cool now anyway, just ask the kids…lol

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You were the first one I sent a FB message to, and to Rick’s nephew who lives in Springfield. This just so awful.

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@Dutchess_III Everyone’s pretty upset. He worked for our public school system, and who knows how many kids he may have touched or terrorized. Sad.

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I just read they found her dead inside his home.

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That is just a nightmare. Every parent’s nightmare.

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@Dutchess_III Apparently he killed her shortly after taking her, went to a laundrymat, and was sitting waiting in his truck for the cops at 8:30pm, booked in at 11:30pm. Went with them without fighting but wouldn’t talk. Looking for the 11a press conference now.

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Now everybody and their brother are posting differrent Amber Alerts WITHOUT CHECKING FOR ANY UPDATES. I’ve fielded 3 since I got up, all 3 are safe and accounted for.

Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming @KNOWITALL.

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This is the second psycho to work at Pleasant View, this one was coach and ISS worker, parents are just scared. That’s why people pay for private school here.

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