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What to put on a business card for a visiting professional?

Asked by cazzie (24513points) February 19th, 2014

A professor from a university is going on sabbatical and wants to have some cards printed up to hand around while he is away. What information should go on them? What information should be not be on them? He won’t be affiliated directly with university work while on sabbatical, but most likely working on private research papers, professional development and making contacts with fellow scientists in his field. Ideas?

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His name, area of expertise, degrees. If he is tenured, nothing wrong with noting affiliation. Email and cell phone number of course.

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Name of course followed by his accredited credential abbreviations.

A brief description of his business focus and from what you included in your question I would list it as “Director of Research and Professional Development.

Then list his cell phone number, email address, linkdin contact info if he has it and a website if he has one. A mailing address if he expects to have items sent to him.

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He is a tenured professor and the director of a research lab, so I guess both the name of the University and the lab (two separate entities) could go on it?
He will have an address while on sabattical (not sure what that will be yet) and he has one back in his home country, but why would I put any physical address? Perhaps a P O Box his assistant will be collecting while he is away?

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First of all – HAPPYDANCE!!

Secondly: Not sure why a PO Box in the States is necessary when he’s not going to be there to receive anything sent to him there. Phone/email should be enough.

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Yes, @Seek_Kolinahr I think you are right. I have two mock ups ready. Wanna see?

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Of course!

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