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Are you in the mood to cry?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 19th, 2014

Watch this selflessness take place

People give their jackets to, “freezing” kid.

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Very sweet, but didn’t make me cry. haha

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I’m already in the mood to cry this week so not going to look at anything other sadness stimuli.

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I don’t feel like crying today. I am actually happy today.

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The whole thing is stage managed, best actors were the pigeons behind the bus shelter.
A good & noble cause, spoilt by using trite crap in a really obvious way.

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Heh I knew something was off as soon as I saw the picture. I’m thinking to myself I goes; man that kid’s clothes are way too nice for him to be living out on the street.

Of course anything can happen; he got the coat stolen, he lost it, there’s an emergency, whatever…either way, it’s cool to know people were helping him out, even though it was an experiment.

But it reminds me of this other experiment, where a famous violin player dressed up as a bum and played a famous piece outside. You know, pretending to be a street musician, to see who would pay attention to the music, that which people otherwise pay 120 bucks to listen to in fancy music halls…the only person in like two hours that gave him any attention was a small kid, who’s mother quickly ushered away.

Good deal I guess, but I didn’t cry. They say things about me anyway. No one has ever seen her bleed, or cry, baahahaha.

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Nope, didn’t cry. But a freezing puppy out there and someone doing something nice to keep it warm and I might, though. Kids…meh…

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I’m in the mood to stop crying in the inside. : (

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@Symbeline Yes but the place where the violinist was is a place where people are commenting and trying to get to their destinations perhaps on a tight schedule and perhaps earning a living. The musician experiment is foobar in my mind because not everyone has the time of day to listen to music at certain time of the day no matter how famous the musician is

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Yeah, but I’d like to think that if they had put that kid in the subway instead, say just have him sitting there, that at least one person would have asked him where his parents were, or something.

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Touching. But you could not do that here in the US. Too many people are afraid of being accused of being a pedophile. I would be reluctant to even sit down there unless someone else was nearby.

Frankly, I am surprised nobody pulled out their cell phones and called 911 as soon as the kid said his coat was stolen.

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@LuckyGuy Are you serious? That would happen? That sucks ass. :( glad I live here where we can help people

I did see this news footage once from China, where a little girl was hit by a van, then she was just lying there in the street. Everybody just walked by and nobody helped her out. Eventually, a woman came by and picked her up. They explained that this happens for the reasons you just said. China goes badass on pedophiles, so nobody wants anything to do with kids, ever, not even to save their lives.

However, please do not quote me, as this was explained by Fox News, and we all know what they’re like.

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@Symbeline I would help a child in trouble and worry about the charges later. I think we perpetuate our own craziness when we are not human.

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Well, yeah…I helped this kid out once. Wasn’t some big dramatic thing, but the kid was stuck on a skating rink. He was sitting in a piece of ice with his tricycle, and most of the ice around him was melted. How the fuck he got there in the first palce I don’t know, I didn’t speak much English back then. So I waddled in there, picked up the kid, went back for the tricycle, asked him where he lived and brought him back home, which wasn’t far from the rink. His mom was not pleased with him at all, and she had very little words for me, actually. Fucking bitch. LOL. Didn’t even offer to let me in to dry up, since half of me was soaked from waddling in the water. But I wasn’t accused of anything…of course, I was like 10 back then, so that’s probably why. ^^

Thing is though, no matter how old you are, I’ve never heard of people being accused of being pedophiles or kidnapers if you help out a kid. Least not over here. But of course, everything is possible.

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@Symbeline there is some serious craziness going on. At the child daycare centers the teachers can never be left alone with a child. There must always be three in the room. If a child wants to go to the bathroom they must go in pairs or the teacher must wait outside in view of the other teacher. Crazy.
If a child falls, gets hurt, and is crying the teacher is not supposed to pick the kid up and hold him. WTH?! In my mind that is exactly what the kid needs. It is ridiculous.
If I were at that bus stop I would have dialed 911 first and then done something.

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Wow…that’s just insane. I understand wanting the safety of children, certainly. Thing is with pedophiles, if one does their homework good and proper, they’re a lot like rapists and murderers; most cases occur behind closed doors, and with adults who know the child personally, as with murderers and rapist doing their work on people they know. Parents, older siblings, babysitters. SURE it happens with random strangers and teachers, but really, is any pedophile going to be stupid enough to start fondling the kid in outright public?
So now, picking up a kid and comforting him is akin to sexual abuse? Excellent. man…
I mean yeah again, it happens with complete strangers, but that shouldn’t warrant outlawing something that has nothing to do with pedophilia just because it includes touching a kid. What if needs to blow his nose, or needs a band aid on a cut?
Yeah you stupid kid, do it yourself you little bitch.

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@Symbeline It gets even crazier! I know someone who works with 3 and 4 year olds who are supposed to be potty trained. However, occasionally, they will mess their undies. The teachers are not permitted to clean the kids! They suffer for 2 hours because the teacher can’t wipe their butts.

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@LuckyGuy That itself, if you ask me, should be considered abuse and neglect. Of course I’m not saying that person you’re talking about is abusive, far from it. But the fact that they have no choice but to leave the kids soiled is complete bullshit.

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