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Please help me with the names of a few excellent thought-provoking movies.

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) February 19th, 2014

What have been your all time best movies and why?

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Starship Troopers.
It satirises military worship and fascism.

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Carry On Camping

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One of my all time favs. “Pleasentville.”
Humor mixed with seriousness, about awakenings, oppression, and a great, creative twist on segregation.

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Thanks all for answering.

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Adaptation (2003) and Fargo (1996). These two movies deal with morally ambiguous main characters really well, while satirizing what we think of as “evil”.

I also really like:

District 9
Children of Men
A History of Violence
Gone Baby Gone
Shattered Glass

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Omg, there are so many movies I could name, but a few that come immediately to mind are The Last Temptation of Christ, which showed me a whole new way to think of Jesus; Testament/Fail-Safe/The Day After, three films which put the fear of God into me about nuclear war; and Primer/Timecrimes/La Jetee, three serious time-travel films that, if you’re a fan of the genre, will keep you pondering for long, long time.

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What is the movie “The Matrix” about?

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You cannot be told what The Matrix is. You have to experience it.
It’s SciFi with Keanu Reeves.

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Has anyone of you seen “into the wild”? How do you find it?

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The Matrix is an epic tragedy focusing on the forlorn attempt to inspire a fucking robotic thespian to show a crumb of aptitude in his chosen field.
Alas this venture is doomed to fail from the outset, view with a box of kleenex & a heavy heart.

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6 best movies of all time:

Citizen Kane The story of a man with millions of dollars, who misses the affection of his mother

Casablanca Story of romance between 3 people in World War II Morocco

City Lights Story of Chaplin’s Little Tramp, a millionaire, and a blind flower girl

The Best Years Of Our Lives The story of 3 World War II vets returning home, and their struggle to return to normal

Manhattan Woody Allen’s story of a writer’s conflict in dating an underage girl, and his attraction to a beautiful socialite

Raiders of the Lost Ark An Archaeologist attempts to beat the Nazi’s to history’s greatest treasure

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@ucme Wonderful answer!

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What Dreams May Come. It’s Robin Williams but it’s not a comedy. And it’s truly beautiful.

Also, an oldie; The Day the Earth Stood Still. Sad thing is, sixty years on, its message is still pertinent. We’ve learned nothing.

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@Khajuria9 “Into the Wild” was excellent.

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Forest Gump – Loved it because there is hope in simplicity
Hitchhikers Gide – Shows you that even the British have twisted humors and that the answer to life is not 42…
Meet Joe Black – You got to love the punchline – there’s only two things for curtain and that is death and taxes

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@antimatter 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Trouble is, no-one knows what the actual question is.

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@antimatter “Even the British have twisted humors’? The British are known for their twisted humour!

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True…a bit twisted thou @downtide, the movie was good but the actual radio show was even better…
Another movie that just came to mind is Elisym from the same director of District 9 got to go with @rockfan on that one.

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@janbb couldn’t agree more!
Another good movie may I add a British movie released last year “About Time” about a man who can time travel to fix his mistakes.

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What is the movie “The Matrix” about?
You might be living it. However, if you were and I tried to tell you, Agents would show up and terminate me, to the great pleasure of some. Just wait until you are offered the blue pill, and the red, if you accept the red, then you get to see how far down the rabbit hole goes….......or you can download the movie…...

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“District 9” really is excellent. Essentially about racism – or name another “ism”, it’ll fit pretty well.
Another really spectacular movie, with a very slow start and a very startling finish, is called “Incendies”. Give it some attention, be patient. It’ll knock your socks off.

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V for Vendetta
Thirteenth Floor
Taxi Driver

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@Khajuria9 I hated the first 20 minutes, but I liked the rest of the film.

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@Juels Beat me too it, that move was not relevant in the 90’s but it is now and eventually we’ll probably see that world.

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Ernest Saves Christmas

i still cry at the end

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Ernie, atta guy!

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The Commitments
Best in Show
Waiting for Guffman
This is Spinal Tap

The satirical language and the visuals compliment each other. Years later I still laugh. Watching Christopher Guest awakens my soul.

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i literally have two left feet

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Milo and Frodo – the Director’s Cut

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Well, I see some fun movies, amusing frightening, and so forth. If we are looking for thought provoking, then there are some mentioned I too would include, several I would not.
The Matrix, however well written or presented, is a thought provoking storyline. @Khajuria9, the movie is about intelligent machines take over, subdue humans, and keep them as quiet prisoners by connecting their minds to an information grid which gave them all fake lives which they fully believe in, having no awareness of their true existence, except a special few.
I would agree with The Shawshank Redemption. I found myself questioning how I might have handled a number of the issues he, and other characters faced in the story. Long, and at times slow, still very well presented, and a good story.
Also on my list: The Christmas Shoes, What The Deaf Man Heard, The Long Walk Home, The Jack Bull, Nell, Oh God You Devil which I thought was the most thought provoking of the three, The Kid.
Some I found thought provoking in that they caused me to consider the state of things for others which I hadn’t known, or fully considered. Some caused me to marvel at where some people’s minds choose to go.

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Murder in the First, not one of my all time fave films, but certainly thought provoking & a stellar cast.

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Try “The Station Agent” starring Peter Dinklage. Its an off-beat type of film, very wonderful and heart warming, and revealing of human character in certain ways.

You should also check out Steven Wright’s short film that won an award if you can find it, “The Appointments of Dennis Jennings”

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Funny coincidence, I just watched The Station Agent a few days ago

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American Beauty.

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