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Do you believe in censorship?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12785points) February 19th, 2014

Lets leave minors out of this, and talk about legal adults, if you truly dislike something, and totally offended by it should it be censored so no one can see or read it, or should legal adults have the opportunity to make their own decision on it?
As for a subject as long as it’s legal doesn’t matter what it is, pornography, politics, cross dressing, whatever, if your against it should it be censored?

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I do believe minors should be censored for their own protection, but legal adults should not.

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I don’t believe in censorship for adults.

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F*** censorship!

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No, I’m not into censorship. I’m also not into being rude though, so if I knew it offended someone, I’d restrict myself in most cases to not be disrespectful.

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No I do not agree with censorship for adults, that said however, I do have an issue with all the freaking strip clubs that have popped up on americas street corners in the last 20 years.
Billboards on the freeway advertising them etc. Kids now think that porn and going to strip clubs is just the same as going out for pizza and burgers. Kinda sad IMO.

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It depends. Generally I’m against it, but I also don’t feel that people should be free to have open season on those they don’t like without reasonable limits. Conspiracy theorists are an example, where they can openly accuse and say the most vile things about others with little or no foundation to back these claims up. I also don’t feel that the parents of a deceased bullied teen should have to endure horrible comments and insults online, especially when they are directed at the teen that killed herself.

Generally when it comes to religion, beliefs, philosophy, politics and laws I’m not a fan of censorship. When it comes to personal attacks though I’m a bit more iffy. If someone opposes my stance on the latter issue then I should have the right to sue my tormentors at least.

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Yes, I believe that censorship exists.
Do I like it, or agree with it’s use when the intended audience are over 21? No.
Although I do appreciate warnings or disclaimers so that I can make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with viewing or listening to the material.

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There should be no censorship at all, regardless of age or target.
A rude society is a polite society.

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I might hate your words and your beliefs but I defend your right to express them. If your words encite law breaking then you will be punished. So think before you speak. Self censorship.

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