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What best idea could you think up to stop point gaming on a Q&A site?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) February 19th, 2014

If you developed a Q&A site where the members had a chance above a certain point floor to win prizes or cash, what would you do to thwart or discourage point gaming and bloc supporting? There is no way to stop _all point gaming* or member working in concert trying to help each other along but there should be ways to negate the effects of it greatly.

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I think I’d be willing to let people game the system. Any site that uses points to “win prizes or cash” is inviting people to game it, and it likely deserves to be gamed. Let the sad people have their way with it.

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Make it possible to see who pointed what.

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^ Good one, did not think of that one. :-)

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Even if you completely eliminate point gaming, there will be a substantial number of users who are convinced that everyone else is cheating. There’s no motivation to design a perfect system.

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Death panels?

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Review by member-mods upon attainment of certain levels.

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One account per IP Address.

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Cap the amount of points each person could give one another.

Watch for people making multiple accounts to bypass the cap.

Watch for people making multiple accounts to give themselves points.

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