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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why are some people considered universally beautiful?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 19th, 2014

How do you explain this?

For that you have my heartfelt thanks.

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Beauty in the eye of the beholder is generally a situation where someone finds something beautiful that is usually not regarded as such. Just because someone considers something beautiful (when most people disagree), it doesn’t mean that same person doesn’t still see the beauty in other things normally considered beautiful.

Even so, I doubt universal beauty exists. People love to argue and have different opinions. How could we all agree that the same object/person/thing is beautiful?

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If someone doesn’t think Jessica Alba is beautiful, it can’t happen. She is gorgeous!

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You’d have to be Stevie Wonder or Stephen Hawking not to grow a semi looking at Kelly Brook’s titties.
My eternal gratitude glows like an angel with it’s arse on fire.

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Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. Certain favorable aspects are largely agreed upon, but when you show ten pictures to 1000 people and ask them which one is most beautiful, each picture will be chosen at least once even if three are men, three are women, and the rest are rock formations or sunsets. I’ve always had my own interpretation though, “Beauty is in the heart of the beholder”, because I,ve known several blind people in my life who had strong perceptions of beauty.

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No one is “universally beautiful.” You’ll always find people that don’t think Person X is attractive, even if many do. Take Angelina Jolie for example (first person I thought of) – a lot of people think she’s one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Others, not so much.

Give us an example of someone that is considered universally beautiful.

@KNOWITALL Pretty, but too skinny.

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@ucme Wow. She’s almost enough to make you believe in a loving god.

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@ucme Oh, she sells lingerie. See, that’s brilliant marketing. I absolutely want my tits to look like hers. Yes, I will buy her bras.

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With humans there is a rather universal idea of beauty, although I find brains and humor to be the most attractive qualities in others across the board. One can always trump up their outer looks in one way or another but stupid and witless is forever. lol

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“why are some people considered universally beautiful
There are no such people.

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@Seek_Kolinahr You looked her up? Now that’s dedication, i’m sure your tits are fantastic…did I just say that out loud?

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Hey, someone says angelic tits, I have to see them.

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What is universally beautiful? Many models and celebs are visual train wrecks without makeup and the “right lighting”. Plus so much of what we see is photo-shopped to the N’th degree and what you are looking at a total fabrication. I am not saying this because every diamond has a flaw….it is just that beauty is truly subjective and IMO in the eye of the beholder. And fleeting.

But I do think anyone can exude beauty in universal ways but there again most people have prejudices and filters in place that do not allow them to see this universal beauty we all posses in one form or another.

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@Cruiser True, you make a good point;
I wasn’t thinking of make up, air brushing, all the Hollywood smack, i was thinking more of symmetry, certain stereotypical male/female features. More in the classical sense. Men with “chisled” features, women with delicate features, large eyes, the usual, widespread accross most cultures.

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@Coloma Those things you describe are the typical requirements of what is needed to sell this universal beauty to the masses hungry for these images to desire and worship. We all have been there but you and I are now at those years where those requirements elude even those with the best genes in the world and universal beauty takes on a more meaningful and tangible definition that augments the axiom that beauty is more than skin deep.

IMO, wisdom and serenity to me are some of the most beautiful attributes a person can possess.

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‘Wisdom’ is in the eye of the beholder.
I would not consider any conservative as being wise, by any stretch of the imagination, and the same is true for the reverse.

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The science behind study of what is beautiful often looks at the Golden Ratio. This is based on Fibonacci Numbers, where every number in the sequence (after the second) is the sum of the previous 2 numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ...

People’s faces have been mapped and those that more people agree are beautiful are regular and symetrical and have proportions that follow the Golden Ratio. So for example their two front teeth are double the size of the two teeth on either side of them and all sorts of other ratios between the different elements of their face. The more someone conforms to this, the more beautiful we find them.

I think that make up will emphasize features, making them appear to fit better into the Golden Ratio. And obviously photoshop will too…

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Yet another stolen question:

How have you not been banned yet?

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@glacial Perhaps you should turn in your Fluther decoder ring and resign….

People ask questions that mirror other Q&A sites all day long….no biggie really! ;)

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@Cruiser Don’t ask me twice.

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