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Anyone had successful back surgery for slipped discs?

Asked by Aster (18231points) February 19th, 2014

A friend of mine knows that back surgery can make things worse. So she refuses to do it although she has two or three slipped discs and is in pain all the time. Has anyone here or anyone you know had surgery for slipped discs and come out of it pain free or mostly pain free? If it makes any difference she is 74.

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In the ‘80s, I ruptured a disk (L5) and got to the point I could hardly walk. I had surgery. Recovery was slow an difficult, but the pain disappeared—for a few months. When it returned, the doctor recommended fusion surgery. Thank God I declined. After lots of bed rest and a series of spinal pain shots, I got better and haven’t had trouble since.

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My niece’s mother-in-law suffered for years and finally had it done last fall. It was very successful and she is happy…a woman also in her late 70’s. I do not know the specific details.

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My first reaction is DON“T DO IT! I had an awful experience with a herniated disc. Long story short they offered up fusing my vertebrae and all sorts of draconian Chiropractic options. I the found Pilates and Yoga gave me self control over my injury. It took me 6 months of yoga to be totally pain free but 12 year removed I have not had any pain at all and am fairly confident I wont have to go through that hell again.

Age is not a barrier to gaining benefits from yoga. My wife who is a yoga therapist regularly works with ladies in the late 60’s and 70’s with remarkable results.

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I know a guy who lives in Holland. He had disks that were so bad that the nerves were being wrecked, so it wasn’t just pain, but loss of control of his lower functions. He was in his early 40’s. He had the surgery, and it took a while to recover but he feels fine now.

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@Cruiser you and wifey sound like a great team. But how does she get her clients to do downward dog with slipped discs? Or even try and touch their toes?

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@Aster She uses ropes attached to the wall and props and modified poses to support a person with limitations and or disabilities. She just starts slow and in time most if not all her students see remarkable improvements.

She had a lady with MS was once a ballerina who could not walk with out 2 canes and after 2 months with my wife she was able to do a pirouette for the first time in 25 years.

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That is absolutely out of this world fantastic great news!! Your wife is a true expert.

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Thanks @Aster I will tell her this! She is very well known and respected for her skills and knowledge.

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I had a sequestrectomy for bulging discs when I was 39. That is 11 years ago, and I’ve never regretted it. As the surgeon said to me, “If you have a stone in your shoe, why wouldn’t you remove it?”

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