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Do you have strategies that help you manage stress?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) February 19th, 2014

I have a lot of different things happening in my life. I’m juggling a lot of very different items.

I’m applying for a good-paying job, which would require me to move. I have an excellent chance to get it. The man, who just retired from the position and who is very highly regarded, hand picked me to succeed him. It is a job with the state government, so they must follow procedures, and they move extremely slowly.

I’m in the important planning stages for a major theatrical production to be performed this summer, but if I get the job and move, I will have to hand over the reins to my assistant director. I’ve assembled a top-notch production team, and they can do the show without me, but I’m stuck as the leader at present.

My attention on my personal things is necessarily divided, and the division makes me bonkers. If I get the job, great! I can hand over the show and move with a clear head. If I don’t get it, great! I get to concentrate on making theatre. I’m stuck in between, and being in between is very uncomfortable.

One of my daughters is involved in many school activities, and she is applying for a place at a prestigious university, and she is applying for tons of scholarships, and I’m helping with all of it. The application deadline is fast approaching, and we’re scrambling to get it all in by that deadline. Also, I’m coaching her for her interview for the prestigious university. The interview is not an easy one. There are reading assignments in her field.

That’s a bit about my stress.

Do you have strategies that have proved effective for handling stress in your life?

Please, tell me what works in your life to manage stress. I don’t need to hear about reducing my activities. These are things that have to happen.

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