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If 3 points for Part B,how many points for Part A?thanks?

Asked by galsworthy (5points) February 20th, 2014

my English is very poor. i’m learning English !
to compare by their wrong and logic,please
【part A】
Nowdays,some students don’t attach importance to correct writing when they learn English,so,these students always make some wrong in their article,causing it hard for us to understand its meaning,producing misunderstand.
I think,it has mainly arisen from two following factors.In the first place,these students focus their attention on persuing speed of writing,ignoring correct spell,in the next place,they may think that these wrongs don’t hinder people to understand it clearly,so these students never pay attention to the spell
I think,as far as these students are concerned,they should get down to spelling,and slow down their speed of writing,by doing which can they develop their level of writing,and enables people to understand their articles easily

【part B】
Nowadays,in our English study many students are not pay attention to spelling.In my opinion,the following count for this.
Firstly,the increasing number of student think that the goal is able to communicate with foreieners.Secondly,In the English these days,many students always not writing the word clear to confuse the teachers,that is the way of the test to give a change to the students to do that.However,as it known to all,the right spelling is very important in many sides,the wrong spelling in your brief can only make you lose the job.In one word,the spelling is quite important ,we should make a great correct in it.
In order to change this problem,my thinking is that we should put the spelling in English teaching.
And in the homework or test of English.Teacher should be sticker than before.Finally,as the students,we also should not only make effort in speaking but in spelling

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