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So last night around 2am I woke up with some left rib spasms why?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) February 21st, 2014

The most I did yesterday was buy food, diapers and play guitar. (I don’t recall doing anything extraneous on the body) So I have no idea why have very light spasms on my left upper ribs. They don’t hurt at all… but they’re on and off since 2am. Of course I don’t know if they were going off while I was in deep sleep.

Should I be concerned? They feel like normal spasms although I don’t know why this twitch is last so long. It’s doing the morse code every like 30 seconds for maybe 1–2 seconds.

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You might want to learn some simple yoga stretches combined with belly breathing to help stretch and strenghten the muscles around the rib cage and everywhere else and remind you how to eliminate some of the tension that ssems to accumulate in your body.

Not enough exercise is just as bad as too much.

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@gailcalled maybe there are some videos on youtube I could look up. Do you know what the stretches are called?

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For a couple good yoga stretches I would suggest the Gate pose and Half Lord of Fishes THe key to the Half Lord is spine alignment…sit with your back as straight as possible and the hand behind you centered by your spine. Gently twist into the pose and use the opposing elbow to gently get you into a deeper stretch. Also lift up through the top of your head to lengthen your spine. It is important to not force either of these stretches and any discomfort or pain should be honored. This should feel good and you should also feel a release as you stretch. Do both sides and I would do each 3 times daily. Don’t ask me to explain the names

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How much water are you drinking @pleiades ? ? Cramps and twitches can be a sign of being under hydrated.

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@Tropical_Willie I felt like I had about 6 glasses of water yesterday… I didn’t do my normal 3.3 mile walk/jog so I might not have paid attention to drinking my normal amount!

I might have twisted my lower spine incorrectly yesterday after a lot of music recording in a chair and other weird positions I did normal twist but while standing up. I had an awful lot of “cracks” on each twist (left and right) maybe I did it too fast…


My son had behavioral therapy today and during the whole two hour session no spasms. After wards now that I’m relaxed I can feel them again. Once again, it’s not painful just twitches time to time. Hopefully a nap will reset my body.

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Is there a Y or a community center near-by that gives cheap or free beginningyoga classes. I wouldn’t dare suggest any postures for you. in my case, I do only lyiing-down or standing ones. My scoliosis doesn’t like sitting in s chair and twisting.

The rule is always “Let what your body is telling you override the instructor.”

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@gailcalled Excellent. Hmm well we have a community college near by I should sign up

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I guess the main question, should I be worried is sort of laughable? I mean they feel like feathery pulses compared to like a leg or back spasm

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About 15 years ago I took an 8-week course (class met once a week in the evening): it was enormously helpful and I sttil use all of the techniques I learned. The text, “Full Catastrophe Living,” by Jon Kabat Zinn is available, used, for very little at Amazon.

There are discussions written in clear and simple language about the breathing and meditation and a chapter of descriptions and drawings of simple and safe yoga postures. Some I chose to skip because I knew what the limits of my body were.

I still do some of the exercises daily and encorporated them, with my therapist’s blessing into the knee rehabiliation I recently underwent. These techniques help to stop focussing on the mini-twitches that the body offers us. Often doing these types of stretches combined with the breathing and a new kind of awareness and observation alleviates the pain.

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