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Can one use an extension of a vacuum cleaner to get rid of flakes on the hair on your head?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 21st, 2014

I don’t have a vacuum cleaner, so I can’t test it… don’t use directly without the attachment, so your hair doesn’t get chewed up. Would it work?

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Vacuum the dandruff? It works and I do it all the time. The bonus is that it actually feels really good.

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One of my dogs didn’t mind when I was vacuuming and used the attachment to get a couple stray hairs off his back. He once let me vacuum his back for several minutes and he was very relaxed, so I believe @johnpowell when he says it actually feels really good.

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@jonsblond @johnpowell We totally need to tell hairstylists this as a new innovation.

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I don’t have that much dandruff but that’s such a good idea! Floating around Facebook is this idea for vacuum cleaners and hair, too.

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There’s always the Flowbee vacuum attachment for cutting hair… I guess if you set the blades longer than your hair, it would serve the purpose of removing debris from the hair.

I have a friend whose crazy kitties actually like when he uses the DustBuster on them!

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Will you be using a Black & Decker turbo dandruff buster?
Only do this if you vacuum your hair in your coffin with pizza.

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You can hook the hose up backwards on my old Compact and blow dry your hair, and blow off anything else that is there. Or just use the attachments and suck it off. Then wash, rinse, repeat, please.

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Here’s what’cha do. You rig a harness for a full size garden blower over your coffin, it will cool your pizza and de-flake your hair all at once. Kinda like a bass-o-matic, but not.
It will also help nicely mummify you by dehydration should you pass away in your coffin. ;-)

Does anybody else feel a book series emerging here?
It could be a series, like Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Series One of Tall Jasperman.

“Jasper blows his hair.”
“Scary pizza delivery guy”
” Coffin fever.”
“Jaspers multiple personality eating disorder.”
“Jasper meets a ghost.”
“Jasper gets Gold Fever.”
“Jaspers special doctor.”

I could run with this forever, do forgive. lol

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