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Why did he not like me because of my short hair?

Asked by laura98 (191points) February 21st, 2014

So my one guy friend decided to hook me up with one of the guys he attended school with. The kid is really interested in anime and was basically the epitome/quintessence of everything I’d ever look for in a guy. However, besides the long flowing brown hair, etc. he seemed like an incredibly nice/interesting guy.

Anyway, my friend was on Skype with him and started to talk about me. The kid seemed really interested and really liked how I enjoyed anime because he didn’t know many girls who did.

However, he looked on my Facebook and saw my short hair and then he didn’t even want to go to the mall to even meet me. He said ” short hair isn’t for everyone” and that he preferred girls with long hair. Yet, he never once called my face ugly or anything like that. I suddenly got extremely insecure and I’m doing everything possible to grow my hair back.

I know it’s kind of silly to get so upset over something so trivial, but it just really hit me hard. I’m not mad at him or anything and I think it’s silly to be mad at someone for not liking you.

Sometimes they are just not physically attracted to you and they can’t do anything about it, but I was just really bummed because he didn’t even want to get to know me.I wouldn’t even mind a friend who enjoys anime as much as I do. Why doesn’t he even want to associate with me? :/

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This guy just seems to have made a nasty inconsiderate remark about someone he didn’t know. Says more about him than about you…

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Look at it this way; it’s his loss.

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Maybe because the preconception of people.

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Probably because he doesn’t like short hair. Who cares what some random person thinks?

Also, you are doing everything you can to grow it back? Are you yelling at it to grow faster or something?

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Why are you trying to change to suit some random(and apparently shallow) guy? Be yourself!

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It has only been in recent years that many women have enjoyed a shorter hair style. Some males today still find women with long hair more sexually attractive. Since you say “he never once called my face ugly or anything like that” and “he preferred girls with long hair” you should accept that what he said to his friend has nothing to do about you. Most likely he is just emotionally too young for you. Your limited self-confidence suggests that you also are emotionally young. I see friendship and love in your future. Be happy.

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He clearly does not find short hair attractive. That shows that he is shallow and would not be a good romantic partner.

Be true to yourself – there will be people who like and love you for who you are, not how you look.

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Because he’s shallow.

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You’re obviously intelligent and well spoken. Focus on your studies and having fun with your friends.
It’s silly to give this much thought to why some random stranger didn’t want to meet you. There will be lots of other boys.

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The question is, do you like your hair short? If the answer is yes then who cares what some person that you have never met thinks. For every person that doesn’t find a certain part of you attractive there will be someone that does. If you are going to change for everyone that isn’t physically attracted to you for some reason then you are going to be very miserable and unhappy with yourself. Let this guy go find someone with long hair and you can go and find someone who appreciates your short hair.

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Just be you.
Love yourself
Do not worry about anything that is not in your control or is of such luttke consequence in the bigger scheme of life.

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He doesn’‘t not like you.

He doesn’t not like that picture of you.

He apparently is not a fan of photos of short hair.

In spite of his long flowing brown hair, he may be boring, banal, superficial, judgmental and really dreary.

Maybe if you both shaved your heads, you’d be a perfect match.

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wear a wig and get a new photo. If he’s suddenly interested, refuse to go out with him because you don’t like his nose.

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You are better than that! Don’t let what he had to say bother you. It’s his loss! You sound like a good person and that is what a guy should be interested in. It’s what is in the heart that matters! Many girls/women look beautiful with short hair. Be yourself. The right guy will come around when you least expect it. Respecting yourself is what guys find attractive.

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if he can’t like you for who you are you are wasting your time with him.

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I would say just ignore him, he’s ignorant.

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You did not really want this one. No loss there.

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