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Who is the Jesus of horror movies?

Asked by Berserker (33459points) February 21st, 2014

Horror movies of all kinds, it doesn’t matter if you like them or not, you all know some horror movie characters. But which one do you think is the most iconic?
There are many reasons why a character would be iconic; it revolutionized the genre, it was the most popular for a long time, the reasons are many. But the fact remains, whether you know why or not, one character is iconic to the horror genre, and represents said genre, just like Jesus represents Christianity. So, who is the Jesus of horror?

For example, one might choose Jason Voorhees from the Friday the Thirteenth franchise. Everyone knows who he is, hell people who have never even seen any of the movies know him. He is referenced everywhere, and the common representation of this particular horror element is always depicted with a hockey mask and a chainsaw. Even though I don’t actually remember Jason ever using a chainsaw.

This is my opinion. But is it time for Jason to move over? Who do you think is iconic to horror? Does it also matter what horror genre it is? Is Jason to Count Dracula what apples are to oranges?

While this specifically deals with movies, if your icon comes from a novel, a comic book or something else, it totally counts. Books and horror came way before any movie, anyway.
As well, if your icon is not a character, it can be a theme, or an element. Zombies are pretty iconic, for example. As are haunted houses. Just roll widdit.

Name your horror icon, explain why if you wish. Happy Halloween yall. :)

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Michael Myers from Halloween

Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th

Freddie Kreuger from Nightmare on Elm Street

Pinhead from Hellraiser

Jigsaw from SAW

Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster & The Werewolf.
The holy trinity of legends in horror, top of the food chain, they got all your arses beat.
The movies they appeared in weren’t particularly shit yourself scary & some of them were absolute pants, but that don’t matter see, coz Jesus ain’t the finest religious dude in history either, no maam, that title goes to Pope John Paul II, he was cool as fuck, survived an assassin’s bullet too :)

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I was going to say Dracula, but @ucme is right about the Holy Trinity. Add Frankenstein and the Wolf man to my list as well.

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Nominally speaking, it could be the Son of GODzilla.

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I would add the Mummy to @ucme‘s trilogy.

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@Cruiser Certainly The Mummy, The Invisible Man, King Kong, and Dr. Jeckle have places in this kingdom, but I would speculate that they are minor gods, and not equal to the Big Three.

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@filmfann I opted to add the mummy because of the “Jesus” actor and director involved. Boris Karloff and Karl Freund.

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You want to see a real horror movie? Watch Freaks. Eighty-two years old, it’s got scenes that are still unnerving.

And here’s a 2013 horror show that kept me up a few nights.

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@Pachy I love Freaks! One of us! One of us! We accept her! One of us!

There was talk of doing a film biography of Johnny X. Sounds great, but stuck in turnaround.

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Jesús Franco

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Yes, I agree about the Unholy Three. Drac, Werewolf, Frank. Those are iconic because even if you’ve never seen any of those old movies, you KNOW who those guys are. It’s like the Swamp Thing; we all know who he is, even if you don’t know the movie. They’re also older than most horror genres. I’m curious though, Dracula and Frankenstein come from novels, but what about the wolfman? Is he from a book too?

And I love Boris Karloff, as well as Bela Lugosi. those two dudes were classic. And Christopher Lee, of course. And Vincent Price. And man I could probably go on.

@Pachy Yeah Freaks is a classic. I first heard of this when listening to Rob Zombie being interviewed, and it’s one of his favorite horror movies. After hearing that, I just had to go watch it. At first, when looking for it, I fucked up, and stumbled upon a movie called Blood Sucking Freaks. It’s just as disturbing, if not more. But yeah, cool movie.

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Best horror actor ever, Peter Cushing, no contest.
Vincent Price was superb in Theatre of Blood, still one of my fave horror films.

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Not really related, but I also love Donald Pleasence. First saw him in the Halloween movies yeah, but some time after that I checked out older stuff he was in. Seeing him as a bad guy in James Bond was so weird in contrast to seeing him as a good guy in Halloween haha.

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Took pity on Donald’s character in The Great Escape, went blind & plane he flees in runs out of fuel just before they cross the border to freedom, rotten luck old chap.

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