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Is it easier to burn veggies/fruit calories then meats/breads?

Asked by SSS911 (115points) February 22nd, 2014

Just say I eat 800 calories a day by way of fruit and veggies. Does it make any difference whether the 800 calories are from fruit/veggies or if their from meats/breads/potatoes. When I exercise to lose 800 calories, does it make a difference at all?

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I sure hope you eat more than 800 calories per day…

The difference between 800 calories of fruits and veggies and 800 calories of meat and bread is that you’ll be eating all day long to get in the veggies but you’ll only eat a meal or two of meat and bread, because those foods are more calorie dense. Then there’s a concern with how much sodium, fat, and carbs you’re consuming. However, if you burn 800 calories (which is an excessive amount to burn in one workout), it’s 800 calories – period.

Not all calories are created equal. 500 calories of nutritious food is healthier than 500 calories of chocolate because of the different things these foods do to your body. A calorie burned is a calorie burned, though.

I think you may need some education on eating well, because it sounds like you’re under the impression that you should burn the same amount of calories as you eat, all during your workouts. Wrong, horrible idea.

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In addition to what @livelaughlove21 says above; there are some people who postulate that fibrous fruits and veggies require the body to burn more calories in the digestive process, so they subtract those calories used for digestion. Simple carbs, such as sugars, are the easiest to digest and metabolize, so the body burns those first. The process of breaking down more complex carbs, proteins and fats means the body accesses those calories later in the digestive process.

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It is not healthy to eschew protein. Sugar (as found in fruit) is the quickest way to burn energy. Carbohydrates (bread) are second easiest. Protein takes the most effort to break down, but it is vital to the body.

You should probably follow a dietician-approved weight-loss plan.

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