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Are you an animal lover?

Asked by tetamarina (27points) February 22nd, 2014

I grew up with cats all my life despite I love both dogs and cats. I am wondering if you are an animal lover which do you prefer dogs or cats? I am a big cat lover. Also if you prefer dogs what is your favorite dog breed? Mine is a Golden Retriever, As for cats I love Tuxedo cats

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I’‘m an animal liker.

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I’m a animal nut from day one.
Have had horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, donkeys, rats, parrots, geese and fish. ( I might be forgetting something lol )
I have 2 cats and being in my 50’s now I have zero desire to have a dog, my least favorite of all animals. Too much work, and always in your face.

My siamese and ragdoll cats are my darlings and, sadly, I had to re-home my 15 year old chinese goose “Marwyn” last March that I raised from a 2 week old gosling. He turns 16 this July.
I could no longer afford to hang onto my 5 acre little micro-farm. He has a great home on a 10 acres ranchette about 30 miles from me and I have become good friends with his new mother goose.
I will be seeing hum again soon, the love of my life, seriously. haha

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I love all animals but prefer cats in my home because they are low-maintenance and they make that lovely soothing purr sound.

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I love ‘em all! Dogs and cats are quite different, but I don’t think one or the other is better, I’d like to have both.

I saw a Giant Schnauzer a few days ago, and I think I’d love to have one of those. There’s just something about dogs with beards that always make me smile.

I also love Siamese and Himalyan kitties, as well as orange tabbies.

I also like Himalayan Bunnies

And I like Capybaras, the world’s largest rodent.

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Oh yes, I am a total furry.

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I love all animals, but dogs have a special place in my heart. My favorites are bird dogs, such as German Shorthaired pointers.

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I love both dogs and cats

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yes I do love animals

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<—-My favorite breed is a boxer. But I love most animals. I like cats but I’m highly allergic to them.

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Nope just hate em’ to death.

come on someone had to be the animal hater

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^^^^^^^^^ How can you be the hater when clearly you are the animal?

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Yes, I’m absolutely an animal lover. I love both cats and dogs, though I couldn’t say which I prefer. Cats are low maintenance and independent, but dogs are fun and loyal. That’s why we have one of each!

As for breeds, I don’t have a favorite. I’ve only ever had a lab mix (when I lived at home) and a border collie mix. Mixed breeds hold a very special place in my heart. And cats – I have a female orange tabby (which my vet says is rare, as most are male), and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

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I am definitely an animal lover. I have had cats all my life. I tend to fall for black or orange cats, but I like all colors. I fall for cats that have a lot of personality. As for dogs, I love all kinds but prefer the mid-size to large dogs. I think the best dogs are the mixed breeds. They have the most personality. Growing up the dogs we have had were: border terrier, poodles and a Shetland collie.

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I like the idea of them more than I actually like them.

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When I was a kid I preferred to keep animals such as snakes, tartantulas, lizards, etc as pets. These days I’m a fan of furry animals, especially those that display affection such as cats, dogs and rabbits. I must like them, since I allow my two cats to lie on my stomach while I’m sleeping, despite the fact that this puts cat hair all over my shirt. I have special gadgets to remove the hair from my clothes these days.

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Yes, I am a dog (and cow) person. My favourite breed is the Skye Terrier closely followed by the Briard and the Bearded Collie (I like long, flowing coats!!)

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I love dogs and I like Labs, or terripoo’s

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