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How much more weight should I lose?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1565points) February 22nd, 2014

Or to be more specific how much weight before I hit a wall if you will. Give you an idea of where I am currently.

It has been about 3 weeks, since I went on my full on diet plan. I started to make changes before then, however the past 3 weeks and ideally I want to make it a lifestyle change on my diet. In total I have lost roughly 13–15lbs from almost 191lb. I find it hard to tell because of food/water weight. After the gym and butt naked on my home scale I weigh about 175lb. After the day or I drink a good amount of water it can go up to 177lb. Some people refer to this as “cutting” or toning overall. Although I just got big because of too much eating, eating poorly , and lifting heavier and more weights. I don’t think I was fat by a long shot, but for sure thicker solid look before. Slimmed down a good bit.

I think most of it was excess fat as I can for sure see more tone and some lines which is nice.

I am worried I may have lost some muscle in the process since I cut back on everything so much. However I tried to make sure include good protein portions on my main 3 meals.

With all that said how much more weight can I expect to lose, will it slow down? Will I hit a wall?

My goal weight I suppose is 169lb.

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