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What can a person shove up their nose that would get stuck to the point it can’t be taken out without jumping through hoops and hurdles?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) February 22nd, 2014

What can a person shove up their nose that would get stuck to the point it would take great effort of medical staff to remove?

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Oh, gosh… we’ve had beads, Lego bricks, crayons, and more. It is typically kids, aged 3–6 that seem to put things up their noses and in their ears. Then they freak out when the Doctor tries to retrieve them. It’s pretty common that they have to have the child under anesthesia just so they will be still.

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Their ego.

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Cocaine much therapy to quit.

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Coins and barbed fishhooks come to mind.

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A nostril drill with grappling barbs.

If you don’t have one, perhaps if you look around your involuntary-guest room, you might find a satisfactory substitute that will enable you to accomplish your task.

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Tom Cruise

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I had a little cousin who stuck a peanut up her nose and that had to come out at the doctors. One niece put some sponge up her nose. It must have been there for ages. She had a nasty drippy nose for a long time and her mother noticed a smell and no amount of washing got rid of it. Finally, someone mentioned that it could be something up her nose and sure enough…. this rancid half degraded bit of what looked like sponge was removed. But I work in daycare here in Norway and legos are the number one culprit.

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DH put a pussy willow up his nose when he was a wee lad; the Dr. was able to pull it out with forceps. I’ve never understood this impulse… I never stuck anything up my nose when I was little! Well, aside from my finger;-)

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Justin Bieber.

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My nephew went through a phase where he shoved so many things up there from legos, beads, m&m’s, and peanuts etc, anything that would fit in his nostril he stuffed up there and got it stuck that his peditrician finally gave my sister a pair of these long tweezers and showed her how to use them so to get the things out on her own.

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A bowling ball.

My daughter once shoved a half a crayon up her nose. I freaked out a little. My sister just heaved a sigh, blocked off the other side of my daughter’s nose and told her to blow hard. Popped right out.

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McDonald’s fries. My daughter had shoved one up there and we didn’t know about it. We were eating dinner and I kept telling her to stop picking her nose and go wash her hands. Finally she whined that she couldn’t get the fry out. We used the same extraction method as above ^^.

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I did the peanut thing. My older sister told me I could eat through my nose. Who lies to a three year old? Anyway, it’s my first concrete memory. I remember being held down on a table and forceps coming for my face. My memory is that of a three year old… Mostly terror and confusion.
My mom said the salt on the peanut must have made my little nostril swell around the nut, making it medically necessary to go to the hospital. She was afraid I had peanut allergies.

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