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What do you think of fan films?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) February 23rd, 2014

I watched a fan film of Star Trek Continues on YouTube and I thought it was pretty good and there were a few more fan films and some were simple horrible.

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I don’t quite like them.

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I haven’t seen any; but I am acquainted with some folks who starred in one that was pretty well reviewed – Star Wars: Revelations. I think they’ve done some Star Trek fan material, too. I know other people who are bigger fans than I and have read all the fan books and such. I think it’s a harmless hobby that is good for creative folks to get involved with.

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I have not seen any of the full-length ones yet, and will be looking forward to more answers here.

I think it’s a tough haul to make something as good as a commercial production in terms of continuity and production quality (especially those expensive CGI scenes) but I admire the effort and enthusiastically applaud their grass-roots creativity.

There are some very good short parodies up on youtube—amid a sea of not-so-good ones.

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Some are good, some are painful. The one for Firefly was a bit painful… well, really painful. It was a good story, but the acting and sound was difficult to sit through. There was ONE person who could act in the whole show. It still deserves loads of credit because of all the work that was donated and then they gave any profits to Whedonverse charities. Good stuff and can’t fault that.

This new show with Star Trek,,... I have to admit… I’m having a wee fan-girl squee about it. Yeah, some of the acting is pretty horrible, but I’m a Trekkie, so I am wallowing in the kitchy-goodness.

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Speaking of Star Trek, I quite liked Star Trek: Aurora

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I’m not a fan of fan films or fan fiction. It becomes a debate over dogma that makes disagreements over bible interpretation seem like a friendly discussion.

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True thing about die hard Trek fans is that even horrible acting and reviews can’t put them off.
Well will always be a fan…

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Some are good and some are horrible but me myself i dont like them

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Horribly amateurish

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