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Have you ever performed self-hypnosis to cure some ailment?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) February 23rd, 2014

Did you see any effects? What ?

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Not self hypnosis but I have gone through hypnotherapy for stress and smoking cessation. Works amazingly well, but you have to really WANT to make changes otherwise your subconscious is going to resist. Hypnosis also works best on more intelligent people, usually because the more intelligent the more open minded one is.
It’s not magic but can be a very beneficial tool for overcoming certain behavioral issues.

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I have used several sessions of hypnotherapy for grief issues; I found them very helpful

I also use meditation and diaphramatic breathing to lower anxiety about chronic pain. It is surprisingly effective. Recovering from heavy-duty orthopedic surgery five months ago, I have used these techniques daily. I had forgotter what a powerful tool they are.

I keep a copy of Full Catastrophe LIving: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness by Jon Kabat-Zinn, around for reference. You can pick up a cheap used copy at Amazon.

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I bought a sleep app on iTunes that was basically hypnosis. It worked pretty good as soon as I stayed alert a few nights to make sure they weren’t giving me any crazy subliminal messages. My fear is a hold over from my fundamentalist days.

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I tried it once for weight loss, but it didn’t work.

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For over 2 months I did this to help mitigate the intense pain from a herniated disc even hard core meds could not pacify. Deep meditation/self hypnosis was the only way I could escape the searing agonizing pain I had to endure. It did help to stay still and not move during this process and I was able to go to many painless wonderful places. I hated snapping out of it

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Years ago – decades ago – my wife claimed to have self-hypnotized to quit smoking. It is true that I recall her walking around the house in a daze for almost half a week at the time that she made the claim (but she was a young stay-at-home mother then, too, so that wasn’t unusual in and of itself), but she did quit smoking then, and as far as I know has never smoked since.

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I was taught a decent self-hypnosis routine by a theater teacher to overcome stage fright. I also adapted it as a relaxation technique to help with mild insomnia.

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