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Do you wish you lived in a bigger or smaller country?

Asked by JLeslie (54496points) February 23rd, 2014

Bigger or smaller than the one you live in now? Does it make any difference at all?

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Smaller. It’s easier to reach a higher standard of living.

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Nah, I can make it here. It’s big enough for what I need and small enough for what I want.

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I don’t know if size would make any difference but I am more than happy living exactly where I am now, in the country I am now.

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I wish I had my own island. A country of one.

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I think the size of the United States is perfect for a person like me who likes to travel by car. I don’t need a passport to visit an arid desert, glaciers, volcanic mountains, old growth forests, subtropical forests, plains, tall grass prairies, salt flats, canyons, ocean coasts, major rivers and prominent mountain ranges.

I might go a step larger and move to Canada.

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I never thought of the US as being either too big or too small for me. I like that it’s large and so we can travel within the country and still have a huge variety of locations to visit. I like that we can see everything from Alaska to Cali to Las Vegas to Disney World to the mid-West to the Pacific Northwest to New England and everything in between.

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The county (perspective) I live in is ¼th the size of the Netherlands. I have surfing two hours to the left. Snowboarding is a hour to the right. The city I live in is big enough to have gay bars and museums and a lovely library. I will happily die here.

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It’s a right size for me. Nothing too crazy. It’s a big country but doesn’t have a huge population.

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Not bigger or smaller, but richer :)

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Australia is the best country in the world, and part of that is because it is big enough to get away from crowds when you need to.

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