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Does a person who was born blind see things when they dream?

Asked by damien (2399points) June 30th, 2008
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the same question was asked 3 weeks ago. here’s the link to that question

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Not as sighted people see.

From the University of California at Santa Cruz: “Instead, researchers studying waking imagery in blind and sighted individuals have generally concluded that congenitally blind individuals’ imagery has characteristics that are functionally equivalent in many ways to the characteristics of visual imagery reported by sighted individuals. The images of totally congenitally blind individuals, however, lack the uniquely visual characteristics such as color and brightness and result in slight differences from the performance of sighted individuals on several imagery tasks. Researchers therefore use the terms visual image and visual content to mean an image or experience whose properties are similar to those of an object or scene viewed visually (with one’s eyes). Terms such as spatial image, analog image, and even visuospatial image have been used to describe imagery that preserves spatial and metric properties without relying specifically on the visual system.”

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@Marina: that’s quite interesting. I wonder how the blind people in the experiment explained their dreams. I find it really difficult as a sighted person to imagine what that would be like; to dream in such an abstract nature.

@PnL: I thought it would’ve been asked before and did search first but the search here doesn’t seem to be very good. I searched for “blind dream” and it didn’t find anything. Cheers for the link.

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