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What is the worst thing you can call a man?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) February 24th, 2014 from iPhone

Piggybacking off of @Adirondackwannabe, what most insults a man?

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Mama’s Boy

and if he’s homophobic

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Weak. Coward. Sissy.

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Anna Nichole Smith.

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This should be interesting. My husband says he doesn’t like when I call him cute. However,
I doubt it is anywhere close to the worst thing you can call a man.

I’m going to go with weak.

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Piers Morgan
Bad dad

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I think men could answer this better than women, because they know what would insult them most (unless the women know specifically, like @JLeslie‘s answer).

From the guys I know, I am guessing “homo” or “pussy.”

In the thread that Adirondackwannabe asked, someone referred to the word “cunt” as a euphemism. You could say “pussy” is a euphemism, but saying to a man “you’re a real pussy!” is not something most men would appreciate.

Motherfucker is also probably a bad one, too. I think a man could answer better what insults them the most.

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Inept or lousy lover. Hearing that would take me down a notch or two.

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Needle dick

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I know this isn’t male-specific, but one of the worst things someone I like could call me is a narcissistic pest.

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Worthless p.o.s.
Mommas boy
house husband

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A little boy.

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clingy bed-wetting momma’s boy

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Coward is probably the worst here, or pedophile/ child molester.

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The worst reaction I’ve witnessed has been to Whipped. My husband took offense to it until we were married. He then started telling his friends, “When you find one that good, you don’t mind letting it whip you.” He liked being funny rather than angry. Lots of men seem to come unglued when the word is tossed at them.

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Male chauvinist, sexist, misogynist. They’re all synonyms, I know. I don’t know if it’s the worst thing you can call a man, but I think it’s some of the worst qualities of a man.

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Yeah, I believe only men can answer this, but the answers will vary. I’m likely one of the few guys who’s not so obsessed with playing out my gender role so things such as pussy, faggot, coward, etc have very little meaning to me considering that I’ve done things in my life that most men would be too afraid of doing.

Personally the words that actually hurt me the most are ones such as selfish, hateful, uncaring and similar remarks impying that I’m a bad person. These only affect me if they are coming from a person that I care about though.

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