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Can a teacher or principal one day become a lawyer?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) February 24th, 2014

I have earned a bachelor degree of education and I am looking to do my masters degree in education,but I was just thinking, what if later on I want to become a lawyer, would those qualifications provide any help at all in that field?

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I have a friend who was a contractor and became a layer. It will help n that you have learned how to study to pass the Bar Exam in your state.

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Do coaching for judicial service exam and i may be it is beneficial to you

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Sure. Schools use lawyers. Having actual experience in a school would be a benefit when working with a learning institution.

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Well, you’d have to qualify for Law school, but sure.

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You can go to law school with any background. You might want to look into education law. I work for school attorneys and the lawyer I support used to be a speech pathologist working in school districts. Her undergraduate degree is in elementary education. Now she represents districts, mostly in special education matters. Even if you didn’t go into school law, you can certainly become a lawyer of any kind with your background.

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Why not? There isn’t a particular pre-law undergrad degree. Being a history or poli-sci major doesn’t make anyone a better lawyer.

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Ok, so you guys are saying that Law School should be my next move and then I can become a good lawyer?

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@Eggie Well, you can’t be a lawyer without law school, so yes.

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