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Would you watch Ghostbusters today now that Egon is gone?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25671points) February 24th, 2014

Egon Spengler has passed away. His movies, from my younger days, are really fun movie gems. This is just sad.

I saw him play a doctor in the movie As Good As It Gets and wondered, could he be this nice and warm in real life-? Seems he really was based on this article.,0,2259309.story

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Of course. It is a good movie. I prefer Stripes though.

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Nooo! He directed some of my favorite movies. He will be missed.

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Yes, it’s sad that he is gone but that’s life.

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No, but I’d rewatch him in “Knocked Up” as Ben’s dad, and as Adam in “Year One.” He was a delight in both. I’m very sad he’s gone.

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Of course, if only to see the great Harold Ramis again. Gone too soon—too young!

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No, the films are so dated now, Caddyshack remains as funny as fuck though.

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He wrote both Caddyshack and Animal House, which are two of the most quotable movies I know.
He was a wonderful director (Groundhog Day) and actor. Via con Dios, Egon!

Cinderella Story…

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I wonder if his ghost will be in the next movie. Also their might be a second Egon from the cartoons. I would certainly watch the next movie, maybe it will be a full reboot.

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Yes I would and it’s really sad that he has passed away. Far too early for sure. He was behind some great comedies over the years – Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Vacation,
Stripes, Ghostbusters. He was a great talent. R.I.P. Mr. Ramis.

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I’d watch Ghostbusters now, more than I would in the past 25 years, just to honor Harold Ramis. He had the hardest part – straightman against both Murray and Aykroyd. You could tell in the film that he enjoyed the role immensely, laughing his ass off at his co-stars antics.

I believe he was a happy man who lived a joyous life.

RIP Harold Ramis.

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I have to admit to having never watched Ghostbusters, not for any particular reason, just haven’t.

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I would, as I absolutely love that movie, but as it turns out I did not. But good lord I hope there’s not another ‘Ghostbusters’ film made.

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@ragingloli Your link doesn’t work.

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@ragingloli No…. that doesn’t work either. 403 forbidden.

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@ragingloli Yes… I almost teared up… Slimier helping Egon cross over. Thank you ragingloli.

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