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If you could forget all (or specific) movies and their plots, would you?

Asked by Skyrail (1695points) June 30th, 2008

I’ve just watched the entire Bourne Trilogy for the second time and it’s nowhere near as exciting as it was when I first watched it but I still love the series a lot. I’d love to be able to ‘fall in love’ with the series all over again i.e. watching it without knowing anything about what’s to come. I always tend to think ahead in the plot if I know it and it ruins it sadly. Anyone else wish they could forget a film’s plot? If so which films?

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No. because then i would watch the movie again and waste my time. and TIME is Money :)

As much as I LOVE the bourne series (and now you for loving them). Matt Damon rocks!!

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No. I spent a fortune watching movies in the theaters. And DVDs are just as expensive (rented or bought).

I’ll let my memory take care of itself and forget the movie on its own. Don’t wait till senility kicks in though…

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I’d love to be able to do that. And there’s loads of films I’d do it with if I could. One of the main ones I can think of right now is eternal sunshine of the spotless mind because of such an intreguing plot. I’d watch it all the time if I could wipe my memory of it (ironic that that’s the plot of the film)

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mhmm, money seems to be a rather large factor to some people. An oversight on my behalf I guess haha. Still, I tend to only buy the DVDs of the films I want to watch again, therefore the money has already been spent. That is me however :)

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I mostly do. Few are truly memorable.

By the way, essentially you have described a movie variation of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” so it’s been done.

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Hehe, maybe I don’t leave a long enough time period inbetween first and second viewings of the films I watch. And you’re the second person to mention that film Marina, I’ll be sure to check it out tomorrow :)

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@Skyrail Sorry, did not see that earlier mention since it was sort of eecumminged into the sentence.

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I’d definitely forget Open Water. That was the most ridiculous movie I’ve ever seen. The best parts are all in the preview. Stupid stupid stupid…

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ugh, yes! 3.10 to Yuma was a total shit storm of a movie. Remember at the start of the flick how he could barely get on to a horse! By the end of the flick he was jumping roof tops! Hello, he had a fake leg post civil war. Hollywood just keeps getting worse. Our best actors are now cgi

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I am old enough so that I forget many movies, both the good, the bad and the ugly. That means watching something again is often fun.

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Yeah, and then I’d go out and rent “Memento”.

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I second what PnL says.

Time is money. It recently hit me very profoundly that I’ll only live once and need to make the most of the time I have before I die. I need to learn, travel, create, etc.

I don’t have time to waste on Hollywood’s regurgitated bullcrap.

(except the Dark Knight- that just plain looks awesome)

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Not that its such a great movie, but I’d like to recapture how I felt the first time I saw Jurassic Park. It was so amazing to see dinosaurs brought to life. Now I’m so used to the special effects. Nothing has really wowed me since then (well except for the Matrix).

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I watched The Fog on A&E the other night. What a dorky waste. I wish I could rewind to the opening credits, and change the channel to Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, a far scarier show.

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I wish the Usual Suspects could be as also the second time around.DAMN YOU Keyser Söze

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@knotmyday Was it the original or the shitty remake?

Generally even if I didn’t like a movie I still don’t actually want my time back. But if I could unwatch Napoleon Dynamite, I would. There are maybe a half a dozen other films that I’d unwatch if I could, too. Super Troopers, RV, Forrest Gump, a few others…

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Oh, dear. If they they remade that one, shame, shame on them.
However…I loved Super Troopers and Napoleon. Viva diversity.
I’m with ya on RV, though. Puts the “purge” in binge and purge.

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Yeah, I forget the plot to Dune AS I am watching it!

Anyone else find that one just a tad hard-to-follow?

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Tust read the book. The movie was despicable.

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well my memory is bad enough to do that. I recently read a book for the second time (I never do that) and realised I didn’t remember anything apart from the basic plot, so I really enjoyed it. Well, it was “Good Omens” so it’s not a detective story or anything.
I can think of two movies I’d like to watch again without knowing the end: The Sixth Sense and The Others, both more or less the same thing.

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