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Can a person write their own apps?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) February 24th, 2014

I was thinking of creating an app to promote our marketing at work but I am not sure if a person with no knowledge can write an app.

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No. You can’t write an app with no programming knowledge. What do you mean when you say “app”? Are you interested in developing a mobile app, some kind of service, or a website of kind? If it’s just a website, you might be able to get away with just setting up a Wordpress blog.

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Well, yes, that’s how almost everyone does it but it depends on what kind.

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I had a mobile app in mind.
@hominid I have the idea but not sure how to lay it out yet. I know it sounds a bit crazy but it will help with our marketing.

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A native mobile app would be difficult without programming knowledge. But theoretically, if this app idea ends up just being a means to provide marketing content, then you still might be ok with using Wordpress with a decent responsive theme so people can access it on their phone/tablet.

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I think a mobile website would work better than an OS specific app, it would work on multiple devices more easily web page coding is easier than something like XCODE

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@hominid that sound like an idea. @XOIIO by referring to a mobile website is it something like Twitter?

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@antimatter Yup, there is basically an easy way to take a standard website and spit it out in a different form and simple throw “m” or “mobile” in the url, you could also make it exclusively for mobile devices. Fluther had one for a while actually but I don’t think it’s around anymore.

I’m guessing wordpress has an option to make a mobile site. Never really looked into it. You will need to pay for domain hosting but it is cheaper than an apple developer license anyways.

I think google BlogSpot has one too but I don’t know for sure. Also, that would give a less “professional” url, one where you have to have at the end.

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@antimatter – And just to be clear about the Wordpress idea – I have known a few people lacking programming or web development skills who needed a website. Wordpress has worked out for them because:
– It’s usually available as a one-click install on most inexpensive web hosts.
– It’s a mature product and there are many theme/template designers out there.
– You don’t need any programming knowledge.

Or, if you’re interested in learning some basics, you could get up to speed fairly quickly on HTML/CSS without too many headaches. It might be fun, if you’re into the whole challenge.

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You can but if you have never programmed or don’t have a lot of time I would not recommend it. Mobile apps are some of the easiest though. The sdk and programming environment are free for android. It’s programmed in Java. A good bit of code is canned and there are excellent libraries and templates available. Ios is a little harder. The sdk is not free and it uses objective c. C is generally regarded as more difficult because it uses pointers a lot.

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Adobe Muse allows you to design a website and then package it as an app without using any code.

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I agree with Hominid. Starting with a responsive website is a great first step.
But you’ll need to know how to code HTML, CSS first.

Once complete you can make an APP that runs using your responsive site as an APP.

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Yes you can, I suggest that you do some research on the internet and decide which creator you want to use.

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