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Is the The Great Garbage Patch real?

Asked by pleiades (6566points) February 24th, 2014

If they are real, where can I found data on this phenomena?

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They are, unfortunately, quite real. A well formulated Google search should lead you to many credible sources that document this problem and what we all can do to stop making such problems worse.
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If you are referring to the floating islands of trash in the ocean then yes…it is very real.

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Yes, it is, along with it’s 4 cousins in each of the other oceans. (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, South Pacific and The Indian Ocean.) Called “gyres,” the ocean’s trash collects in these places. The Great Garbage patch is the North Pacific’s gyre, located between California and Hawaii. The North Atlantic’s is the Sargasso Sea located in the Bermuda Triangle. The Great Garbage Patch is said to be either the size of Texas, or twice the size of Texas, over 1 million square miles of trash, mostly plastic. Over 3 million tons in the GGP alone.
Search for “gyres” on the internet.

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Heck, there’s even garbage-patch type issues in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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