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Can I use my old windows xp key on another computer?

Asked by wesley837 (163points) June 30th, 2008

I have a old broken laptop that had windows xp. can I use the key from that laptop to install xp on a new laptop using a friends xp installation disk? or will my friends xp disc only work with the key that came with the disk?

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question about the same key (windows key) has been asked a week ago – link

another question that might help you fix your problem is here

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haha no offense PnL, but i think you are a bit off. im pretty sure he means the activation key that you type in when you install XP or Vista to prove that you own it

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and i think the key should work. the keys are not connected with the disk they come with, as far as i know but feel free to correct me if i am wrong

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Of course you can use it. I’ve done it before with no issues whatsoever.

The only thing that might be worth looking out for is some operating system disks ARE tied to the computer they were shipped with. I think Dell may be the only ones but Im not too sure. So a disk that came with a dell of will only install on a dell system. For the rest I think you’re fine.

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AHA! thanks waterskier (i gave you lurve). i had just answered another question which was asked before so i got frustrated when i saw this one (it reminded me of the links i sent). now that i re-read the Q, i can obviously see that i am wrong. My apologies to wesley837.

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@Waterskier, I’m 90% sure the poster means the serial key for windows, rather than the activation or WGA stuff, in which case PnL’s posts are pretty relevant.

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@ ben – i was thinking the asker was talking about Win key on the keyboard as opposed to the serial key. now i am just embarrassed haha.

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Why doesn’t the asker tell us? :)

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he does tell us. why would he be talking about installing XP, what would that have to do with a keyboard key. and benseven, no her posts werent relevant as she was talking about a keyboard key. and the activation is the same as the serial

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Actually, the terms of Microsoft’s license say that when the machine dies, your license ends. However, this has been disallowed in some states, so your mileage may vary. I’d say go for it, and if they complain, find out the law in your state.

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Transferring a OEM key is not allowed by MS, as chaosrob stated.

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Haha I apologise guys, I have to admit I didn’t read PnL’s links (I just assumed they were about windows serials) and the keyboard key option didn’t even cross my mind ;)

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@benseven, no prob. i actually found it really funny when i first read both of her links

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stop rubbing it in you two! people make mistakes :(

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no, im just playin around. what, i cant laugh at someones mistakes once in a while

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Problem now though is our PnL will be waiting to pounce on you when you make a mistake.

There may be trouble ahead

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haha yeah i know, im trying to keep it correct in my posts to avoid any pouncing

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