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Why is Fluther so slow today?

Asked by jca (35970points) February 24th, 2014

As asked.

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Are you talking about loading speed or visitors? If the first one, then I noticed it, too.

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Yeah slow to load.

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It is a lot slower tonight than earlier today. Other sites are snappy as usual.

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Has Dr. Jelly got overloaded again? I’m having the same issue too, but only when I’m posting answers.

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I noticed it also. It is slow for me when loading questions and posting answers.

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It has been lagging on & off for the last few days it seems.
It is fine for me tonight, 7 pm on the west coast , but it was extremely s-l-o-w a couple days ago.

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The Mods don’t like to discuss it, but Fluther spent last night partying pretty heavy. About 4am, it was throwing up a lot of Jelly Helper awards.

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@filmfann I wish I had the same luck as you…

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Slow again now. zzzzzz

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Still slow, all-around including Answerbag. high speed internet 100 MB/sec my ass.

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I checked AB and less than 1–2 sec page loads…Fluther is still averaging 60 seconds per page load. It’s hit and miss though as this answer showed up in less than 10 seconds. The edit took 35 seconds to load…let’s see how long this edit of an edit takes…1.75 seconds flat! Zoom!

HS! That last edit took 2.5 minutes and then over 4 minutes to open this window to edit again! Over and out!

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I seem to be going through pages at a normal speed.

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@talljasperman It seems to be fixed for now. Thanks to staff.

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Pretty sure one of our servers was down. Seems to be okay now!

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Yep….back to swimming like a Mako shark.

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I believe there are multiple servers that actually serve up the site. And than you have a load balancer sitting in front of those servers. When you request a page the load balancer tosses the request to one of the servers at random to reduce load on the servers. So that is why it works fine one second and doesn’t the next. If one of the servers is down and you get tossed to the down server it will take a bit for the load balancer to give up and send the request to one of the other servers.

I think there used to be 8+ servers your request could go to. But now that number is down to two. So if one is down you are more likely to notice the problem now.

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