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Is it possible to get film for a Polaroid Countdown 90?

Asked by lapilofu (4325points) June 30th, 2008

I don’t know anything about Polaroids or their film, so specific answers would be great.

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Polaroid stopped making film for their cameras. So while it may be possible, it will be extremely hard to find. And the longer you wait the more expensive it will be.

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Actually, they still make Type 667, which will fit this camera, but they say they’ll be discontinung it “in a few months”. Until then, you can get it here, among other places.

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The above is B & W, 690 is the color version.

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Yes Fuji Film makes it
Color = fp100C
B&W = fp100b or fp3000b (different speeds)
You just have to convert batteries.

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