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What are some good file upload sites?

Asked by Rotwang (296points) June 30th, 2008

Like megaupload and rapidshare. I usually use because you can put a password over it and you don’t have to register. But the limit is 250meg and I’ve got a 310 meg file…

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Friendlyfiles is good for sharing big files such as ahem movies of 699 mb etc. that site actually has no size limit :)

BitRoad is another good one, no size limit, expiration date etc.

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I use and, there’s also for private files.

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The following site allows you to upload folders and files.
250MB Max Upload
Stays on server for 10 days
Unlimited Downloads
Free to use

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QXshare – 1-Click Webhoster
Upload-limit: Unlimited! (Max. 500 MB per file! Split-archives allowed!)
Download-limit: Unlimited!

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