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Are there any Revolution fans still watching it? Or have you given up on it this season?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) February 25th, 2014 from iPhone

I watched every episode last season and enjoyed it.

This season I’m on the fence about it. I did miss one or two episodes at the start but have everything subsequent on DVR with 10 episodes to go to get caught up to the present.

I just finished trying to watch the episode titled “Patriot Games” (right after the Patriots stormed in from Cuba mid-battle to rescue them and restore the USA).

I’m getting fed up with so many of the critical scenes filmed at night. In pitch darkness its difficult to tell who is doing what to whom or why.

I really hate series which resort to this (most likely to save on costs since night shooting require far less detail than broad daylight.)

I’ve lost track of what went on in this episode and am finding I don’t really care as much who lived or died. Last year I was pretty invested in most of the major characters. Now, not so much.

Does it get better or more compelling in the subsequent episodes?

Right now the whole thing seems utterly preposterous, overblown and ridiculous, lacking coherence or credibility.

I usually enjoy densely plotted dramas but this one is meandering all over the map (literally). I’m not the type who needs to be spoon fed every single plot twist and last season was so different. Now, everything has degenerated into highly implausible incoherence.

Is this series renewed or canceled for next season?

I’m trying to find a reason to watch these next 10+ hours till the seasons end because I liked it so much last year.

Give me a reason to stick with it and not reclaim 10 hrs space on the DVR.

Or have you also given up?

Help me off the fence.

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I made it about seven episodes in this season and have totally given up.

I did start watching Being Human last week and have torn through three seasons already. Apparently this is the last season. It Is copied from a UK show so I can watch the UK version when I finish the US one.

It looks to me like this will be the last season of Revolution. Thank god.

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Well its nice to know I’m not the only one who reached a point of being ready to throw in the towel :)

Was there any particular thing that pushed you over the edge?

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I almost gave up on Falling Skies because of all the nighttime shooting.

But its more understandable in their case because Alien makeup is tough on the budget for a TV show. So I just plowed through.

I particularly like SciFi which portrays a society forced to function without all the electricity and technology upon which we are all so currently dependent.

Who knows; if some foreign nation with a grudge against us manages to fry everything with a gigantic EMP pulse, what might we have to resort to when we end up in the same boat?

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I think it lost me with the supernatural stuff like the fireflies. That and it got boring. I would probably still be watching if there weren’t better options out there when I need to kill 40 minutes. I download way more stuff than I can actually watch.

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I am still looking forward to how Revolution will resolve its complex plot lines. Maybe the nanobots/fireflies will decide the human race is not worth their involvement with and will collectively leave Earth in search of a life-form on another planet in the galaxy worth their attention.

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