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Can you recommend some websites for studying criminology?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18103points) February 26th, 2014

I just can’t seem find any books about that subject, at least in my country. The only way to learn about criminology here is to enroll in a police university, and I’m not qualified for that.

I have to resort to websites right now. Do you know of any websites like that?

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Criminology is a pretty common subject here, taught at all the colleges and universities. Most universities also offer the course on-line. I just did a google search, and there were too many to list, including Florida State and Arizona State. There are myriads of books on the subject, too. Amazon has over 28,000 of them.

The best article I have ever read about criminology was actually in the preface of a book about Jack the Ripper. The author was a criminologist, and he wrote about the criminal mind as related to the “dominant 5%” of any population. He goes on to explain that about 5% of every population (animal or man) are dominant. Out of those 5%, we get our great minds, scientists, musicians, inventors. But also out of that 5%, are individuals who have no special talent, but still have the need to dominate, so out of that group comes our criminals, serial killers, and what he calls “deranged messiahs.” You know the type, the Jimmy Jones’ and the Charles Mansons of this world. Very interesting.

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@Skaggfacemutt I think that book you said only mentions a little about criminology. What I need is something which can help me study criminology in depth.

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Criminology includes the study of the conventions (courts, writs and precedences) and LAWS of the country. I remember you are not in the USA so any recommendations I would have for USA sites would not be of any use to you.

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@Tropical_Willie Come on! I can read English. Just show me some.

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@Tropical_Willie By the way I do need USA’s laws, because my stories’ setting is in the US. If you read my 2 law questions you’ll see.

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The last few years of Criminologist.

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You might pick up some textbooks in abnormal psychology (here’s a cheap used one for $33)
You could pick up a similar textbook on Kindle for free.

Or maybe Criminology for Dummies. By the way, there’s also a Forensics for Dummies. They are both in the neighborhood of $12 through Kindle. All of these books would be much cheaper than a course somewhere. Some of them come in audio.

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