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Does voice of a person say anything to you about his/her personality?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) February 26th, 2014

Have you ever tried to judge a person based on the tone and quality of their voices?

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Not consciously. But humans do judge people based on their voice subconsciously. This may be why we see this.

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I have not tried but the way people speak can some times reveal their personality, the preppy, annoying people are easy to picked out in such a way, same a lot of people who act like douchebags, aside from that not really.

I guess if the person sounds angry all the time that could mean they are angry but a voice doesn’t reveal much unless it’s to one extreme or another.

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How one speaks can reveal their feelings of insecurity that others may unconsciously detect, which can bias their judgement of that person.

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Generally yes as I can tell a lot about a person by a persons tone, cadence and speed of articulation. That said I can’t help but laugh when people tell me I have such a calm soothing voice. If only they knew! lol!

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Yes. Especially when considering dating someone.
I wouldn’t use the term “judge” as in judging the persons totality and value as a human, but judge as in, is this person lively, humorous, well spoken, articulate?

I desire lively minds and wit and humor so if someone is uber shy, quiet, socially awkward and can’t keep the conversational ball rolling it is not going to be a match for me.

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@Cruiser I agree. This is why I love Obama ;p

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I saw this gorgeous girl in the pub t’other day who then spoke with a thick Scottish accent, put me right off, shallow bastard that I am.

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