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Have you ever asked questions when you absolutely had no reason to ask?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) February 26th, 2014

Your mind keeps on telling you “Hey you! You know this, okay?” or maybe “You actually don’t want to know about this!!! ” . Even then, you just can’t seem to force your hands to move away from the keyboard and ask a question right away.
(Actually, I am talking both about Fluther and your real life)

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Oh ho, what is a dog? Oh ho, where is the Earth? Oh ho, why does a cow have 4 legs? Oh ho, why can’t I fly? Oh ho, how can I ask a question?

I’ve just done what you asked. Happy now?

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Only about 98.53% of the time, the benefits of asking mostly trivial “fluff” I suppose.

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Yes I have. I am a naturally inquisitive person much of the time.

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Yes did the writer of the song “don’t worry be happy” actually kill himself?

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@talljasperman. No he did not. Bobby McFerrin is alive and well and still involved with making music.

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