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I need a recipe for chili relleno sauce.

Asked by Skaggfacemutt (9810points) February 26th, 2014

I love chili rellenos, and my daughter gave me a wonderful recipe for them that is easy and works every time. But what is that red sauce that they are served with in the restaurants? It isn’t salsa, or mole. I have tried both and that Is definitely not it. I tried just Mexican style tomato sauce – not it either. It is kind of thin, and oily. What is it? They also serve this sauce with tamales.

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There are a ton of “hot sauces” that are popular in mexican dishes.

1. Salsa Quemada (smokey, peppery flavors, sweet)
2. Habanero (the hottest of the bunch)
3. Salsa Verde (green, obviously, sometimes mixed with lime, green chiles, or even green tomatoes, it varies of course)
4. Ranchero Salsa (This is with chunks of tomatoes, onions, corn sometimes) <<< This is the most popular way with Chile Relleno same with the Quemada

Sorry excuse my San Dieganess but this all from my 26 years of experience here! :D Of course it’s really up to you what you decide.

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In a pinch and hurry, use enchilada sauce.

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I think it is called red chili sauce, but I can’t seem to find it in a can at the store, so guess I will have to figure out how to make it.

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My husband is Mexican and we never put sauce on chile relleno. Are you using poblano peppers and cheese? Or, a different chili and filling? I’m just curious.

I will tell you that if you like chipotle flavor the Tostitos chipotle salsa is excellent. It’s sold by the chips like their other salsas and queso. I really like their restaurant style salsa also, and that might work, because I would think you want a rather smooth sauce not a chunky one.

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I am using Anaheim peppers, stuffed with cheese. I am not a Mexican, but I love them from the restaurants, but they are smothered with a red sauce at the restaurants. Without the sauce, they are kind of ho-hum.

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I have never had that pepper, but I see them in the markets sometimes. I assume they are a California pepper and possibly subsituted for the poblano that is traditionally used. I’ll have to consider it next time I make peppers, see if they are less expensive.

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I think what you want is New Mexico red chile sauce.

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Recipe 4

Recipe 5

Recipe 6

Apparently you can buy pre-made red chile sauce, but I’ve never seen any of these in stores in California, but have a look, maybe you have them in your area, or you could order them online if you don’t feel like making homemade sauce.

Los Chileros


Las Palmas (actually we do have that one out here).


The Shed


OK, now I’m starving!

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@Kardamom Thank you so much! This is what I was looking for. Recipe #4 is the one I am going to try.

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Yay! Glad to be of service. When’s dinner?

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