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Why do we like the things we like?

Asked by this_velvet_glove_again (418points) February 26th, 2014

I mean, how does our brain decide to either like something (e.g. a song, or vanilla ice cream) or not?

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Look at the excerpt of this book: This Is Your Brain on Music. I want to read it but it looks like it can explain some things about why people like music.

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It is the somethingness of anything in which we first create an attraction for or disregard it. Then after the attraction or disregardness is realized, we tell ourselves how, or how can we not relate to this, and is it A. Important to my well being or B. Decide it isn’t important at all…

(Something like this)

I hope more scientificalllycally answers show up :P

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Whimsy of personality.

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Maybe simply the frame of mind we are in when we are introduced to the something new. Or how much we love and want to please the person who gives us that first bite of vanilla ice cream.

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Because they are a reflection of our values.

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Because someone of great influence in our lives liked it first. Almost everything I like has a name and face of the person who first introduced it to me attached to it. Nora Jones music or making ceramic pottery would have never meant a lot to me unless this important person in my life didn’t like it and introduce me to it. Now I love both

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I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some traits we are born with that have some influence on our preferences, just as they do with the aversions and sensitivities we have.

I have a rather rare experience of observing the nature/nurture debate within my son. His father moved out when he was 4, and he last saw him when he was 5. He does have a strong physical resemblance to his father, but he also demonstrates traits and mannerisms that he would not remember and didn’t demonstrate having picked-up when he was young. He even admits now – almost 20 years later, that he barely remembers his father. I have clearly been a much stronger presence and influence in his life, and he is 50% of my genetic material. It amazes me when I see him do things his father did.

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@hearkat is right, certain temperaments and personality types will manifest in solid, intrinsic ways. My dad was an Architect and I inherited his personalty type/brain function stack, textbook. My mother was a pianist and into foreign languages, two things that escape my interest and ability. Now ask me to design a house or some amazing property and I am my fathers daughter.

I am naturally drawn to ideas and design. My mother was naturally drawn to music and languages.
Nature plays a huge part dependent on the temperament/personality type you are born with/inherit.

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I bite my tongue when I’m focusing just like how my dad does.

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