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How do you tie your shoes?

Asked by LostInParadise (25051points) February 27th, 2014

I know, you have been tying your shoes since you learned to dress by yourself, and you can now do it with your eyes closed, but many, perhaps most, people do it the wrong way. I was told about the right way by an engineer quite some time ago, but for some reason I never followed his advice until now. Done correctly, the knots are much less likely to come undone.

When I went to post this question, Fluther gave a pointer to a previous related question. Scroll down to Harp’s post. As was so often the case during his brief tenure here, Harp nailed it, but the answer is worth repeating.

This is a case where a picture is not worth a thousand words. I checked a few Web sites giving pictorials, but I think a simple verbal explanation works best.

The usual way of tying shoes is a variation on doing a double knot. There are two ways of doing a double knot. One is the granny knot where both knots are tied in the same direction, either left over right or right over left. The other way is a square knot where the two knots are tied in opposite directions. The square knot is the better way to go. Any force that acts to loosen one knot will be resisted because it will tighten the other knot.

Check to see which directions you use for tying your shoelace. If both knot directions are the same and your laces tend to get undone, switch the direction that you do the first knot. It will work wonders.

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Since my knee surgery, I wear shoes without laces.

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Your logic is sound.

However, whenever possible I wear boots, without laces.

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In pwetty bows, from memory mostly.

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I use both hands, one shoe at a time.

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I do the Standard method and would now like to learn that Ian Knot. And darn if I am wearing slip-on shoes today and will have to wait till tonight to try this out!

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A tempest. Just do what your mom taught you when you were four and then tie a double-knot.

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Make two bunny ears, then one bunny goes around the tree and into the hole. Pull tight.

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Slowly and with purpose.

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Depends on the shoe. Sometimes a bow and sometimes the square knot.

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With my hands.

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According to this site, I am doing the “better bow knot”, with deviation at step 6.

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I have tried that, all going in the same direction, but it always had a tendency to become undone, though it is a good way of handling long shoelaces. Maybe if I switched directions it would work better.

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Once I break in a pair of shoes, I usually just tie them once and slip them on and off with the bow still in place. I realize this makes me a bad person, and I’m honestly ok with that.

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There were no ethical implications in this question. It is strictly a matter of what works. If you can avoid having to tie and untie the laces, that is fine with me.

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In the left handed weird way I hate tie up shoes.

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