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How do I link pictures and articles?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) February 27th, 2014 from iPhone

All I know how to do is copy and paste the entire “http://www.blahblahblah” stuff. I want to be able to link using the word, like I see you guys doing. Can someone give me a link to a place I can learn how? Thanks!

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V V V see below yellow box.

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When you are writing a question or answer, look at the bottom of the box. There are a few suggestions there. I have copied them below:

Style your text! strong emphasis whisper link → link. See the entire list.

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To answer your question, if you want to link to something on Fluther:

Put the word or words you want to use as the link in “quotes”, then put a colon followed a backslash and then the URL of what you want the link to go to.

As in this question

Although that linking was kind of a dead end, it should give you the idea. You can link to anything on the Web this way.

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Thanks, @janbb, I was about to ask if I had to type “link” or “google search” and then the URL. It makes sense now though. I would’ve been speared when “link“http://blahblahblah showed up in my posts, lol.

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You’re welcome. It’s really nifty.

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@janbb you don’t put a back slash in. It comes with the URL.
It looks like ” this ” :URL here (Only without the spaces.)

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hmm You’re right. I goofed on that.

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I’ve added the backslash on every example I’ve created today. Didn’t seem to effect it working.

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@Governor Brown.

GQ- I have no idea. ;-)

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I draw mine using crayons, mostly purple.

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