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Would you like to see soccer replace football as America's main sport?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36148points) February 27th, 2014

I would. Not so violent and far more interesting, IMO.

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Hell no. It would be nice if soccer was more popular than it is. I don’t want to see football go anywhere.

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I still see Baseball as America’s main sport, though Football is probably more popular.
Baseball is the most beautiful sport there is.

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Baseball is the only sport where you can cram 5 seconds of action into 15 minutes.

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Sure, I love soccer!!

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You do not even have any real sports.

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Soccer doesn’t sell beer on TV!
It would be about as likely as changing the language of the USA to Russian.
Besides the state of Wisconsin with all the “Cheeseheads” would seceded to Canada.

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We can live without Wisconsin.

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Whenever I hear the word soccer a little part of me dies, it’s fucking football the genuine article.

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No, I love how we can make fun of you even though we know that if you actually set your minds to it you would probably beat us easily like your ladies do.

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No way! Love football. We should get rid of all other sports.

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Not according to this fucked up redneck.

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I probably only watch 3–5 NFL games any given year, and I don’t watch college handegg. I watched 4 Champion’s League matchs in just the last 2 weeks and usually catch at least one EPL game any given week they play. I wouldn’t miss handegg if it disappeared. However, I doubt I would want to deal with any handegg fans that became football fans if football did become the main sport.

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Soccer is OK in an Old World/ Post-Colonial sort of way. But it is no way as exciting as American football.

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Soccer football ia totally boring. American football is too brutal, too calculating, too much time just standing around (only about 12 minutes of actual time playing per game) with too many life threatening injuries. Australian rules football is the way to go.

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Of course colonials do not like real football.
Their team got knocked out of the World Cup by fucking Ghana.

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Personally I find both Football and Handegg boring, although Handegg much more so.

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