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Do you or have you ever used a webcam?

Asked by flutherother (27336points) February 27th, 2014

If you do you and you are a Yahoo user the security services may well have recorded your images. How do you feel about this?

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No. My laptop has a webcam but I have only used it to film things going on in the immediate vicinity, like my cats doing stupid cat tricks. lol

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Yes, I have one at home for Skype, family events, et c… but I rarely use it.

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The kids bully me into using it now and then.

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I used to see if I could hit on women via ChatRoulette, but I never did anything incriminating. In fact, I made a foreign woman smile by drawing her a heart lol.

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In a sane society, GCHQ would be disbanded and investigated by an independent civil body. Its enablers would be prosecuted and made to do years of menial community service—far away from any positions of power and responsibility.

But no one cares. This should be a monumental scandal. It should be provoking riots and insurrection. It won’t. No one cares. It’ll irk us for a while, and then we’ll (those in the UK at least) go back to trying to achieve a higher score on Flappy Bird, or to some other banal distraction.

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People still use Yahoo?

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I used to use one occasionally. But I always put a post it note over it when it wasn’t in use. My current computer doesn’t have a camera or microphone.

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Will I get paid for the images? :P

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There’s Duck Tape over mine, the pretty kind with a pattern on it.

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