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What "traditional Neapolitan song" is the basis for the song Un Monde Parfait?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12644points) February 27th, 2014

This is an unusually specific question, but the great Google has been unsuccessful. Perhaps, by some small chance, someone here knows something about it.

Un Monde Parfait is a French song from 2005 which I heard many years ago. According to Wikipedia, and a bunch of other sources, it is “based on a traditional Neapolitan song.” The problem is that no source seems to say which Neapolitan song. Long story short, I wish to listen to it, because I find the music pretty catchy.

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I have no interest in listening to and then comparing songs, but here’s a list of traditional Neapolitan songs.

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@syz Thanks for your help. I’ve pretty much given up at this point, but I did find some nice sounding Neapolitan music.

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It is a catchy tune, and a fun little toon. It does have a traditional french sound, but nothing I could recognize.
How can this not be about ice cream? Parfait… Neapolitan…Those dancing cows…

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This article (in French) says it was written by a Frenchman living in Naples.

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Then it would qualify as Neapolitan, I guess.

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