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Does Gatorade do what it claims?

Asked by simone54 (7581points) February 27th, 2014

It seems easy enough. It contains electrolytes to keep your body hydrated but, does it actually work? It’s my understanding that you need sodium ions to keep your body from turning the water you need to exercise into urine. So, it makes sense that gatorade could easily give a good amount of sodium to do this.

However, it seems like gatorade is more of a soft drink now-a-days, just like soda. Maybe it worked back when they first invented it but I’m not sure about now.

Does anyone have an opinion or better yet some facts about this?

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No idea, but here’s my experience with it. It’s supposed to hydrate you when you’re active. I’m a big fan of it, but it seems to make me want to drink more of it when I’m done the bottle. Perhaps I’m just really dehydrated or something, but I don’t feel that way when drinking water. Maybe it’s all the sugar that’s in there, I really don’t know.
They also have sugar free versions, which I usually can’t finish because they taste like ass.

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Trust me bruh, when you’re playing intense stop and go sports, “basketball, football” that stuff still works wonders!

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@Symbeline Well if it’s making you want to drink water afterward, I guess it is working.

@pleiades but it is placebo effect?

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@simone54 Not water I want after, more Gatorade. But yeah, I see what you mean.

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It is my hangover cure. You can make your own (google it) but it is so cheap I prefer to just buy it. I only drink the Fruit Punch!

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With all the resources available to test out its efficacy or not, I’m sure that college and pro sports teams would NOT still be using it if it didn’t work.

With the amount they must use in a season, it must be costing them quite a bit. So, if it didn’t work they’d be spending all that money on another product which does.

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Just as much as Red Bull gives you wings.

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@Symbeline It appears there is a reason you get thirsty after drinking the Gatorade….

“No, Gatorade does not work and it’s likely it hasn’t worked ever since the 70’s when it was mass produced and got its first licensing agreement with the NFL.”

”“Our Recommendation
When you’re thirsty drink water. There’s nothing in Gatorade that will help you be any healthier. You’re not Michael Jordan and you’re not trying to win any championships. The sodium in Gatorade will only end up making you thirstier, and you’ll end up drinking water eventually.”

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Brawndo works better

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It isn’t that ‘electrolytes keep you hydrated.’ The water component of Gatorade does that.
Your brain needs two essentials to survive: oxygen and glucose (sugar). Your muscles need salt (electrolytes) to work (sodium-potassium pump). Gatorade contains sugar, salt, and potassium, none of which are found in water. When exertion is high, it certainly doesn’t hurt to drink Gatorade, as your body will utilize what is most easily available before converting stores. Switching to water after heavy exercise isn’t a bad choice, either, because your metabolism is still in high gear, and that is the optimal time to let your body burn your stored energy.
It’s my hangover go-to, as well. Bland flavors like lemon-lime or orange. Same goes for dehydration caused by vomiting/diarrhea.

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Gatorade is sugary water and not much else. There are much healthier options out there. The lemon-lime one is pretty dang tasty, but I can never fool myself into thinking it’s good for me.

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@Cruiser Heh I knew I was on to something with the sugar. Didn’t know it was over 40 years old though, I thought it was barely 20 years. I got salmonella poisoning last spring though, and I drank tons of Gatorade and 7-Up for two days. Seemed to work for the hydration thing. @johnpowell uses it for hangovers, too.
Water would have worked just as well I suppose, but I spent four hours trying to drink some and it just kept coming out, so I’m like, no…more…water.
Anyways nice find.

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I sometimes put a packet of EmergenC into a large glass of ice water if I am looking for a little extra kick after heavy sweating. A booster of vitamin C, B12 and B6 plus some fizz.

I wouldn’t touch Gatorade. Just the color is scary.

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Yeah, I don’t like it either. I don’t eat or drink anything in neon colors. That’s for face painting :)

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