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How do I get bright white teeth?

Asked by crushingandreaming (644points) February 28th, 2014

How to get bright white teeth without using dentist treatments? And whitening kits.

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Use hydrogen poroxide and dilute with water and gargle.

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I use the toothpaste.

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Don’t drink coffee, cola or dark tea.

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Will it work and make teeth whiter if I cut those things out and continue useing my whitening toothpaste?

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Have your dentist make molds and get a custom set of bleaching trays.
I have been using them for about 10 years and love the effect. You buy the bleaching gel at your dentists, it is a 30% solution and works great.
I only bleach mine 2x a year after cleanings and they stay bright for 6 months. :-D

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I can’t because I use all my allowance for my phonebill.

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@crushingandreaming Whitening toothpaste works too, just not as much and as fast as more professional treatments, but…just keep it up, you will see results if you stick with it for 6 months.

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If you want to whiten them you will have to use a brightening agent. You might as well use the crest white strips. You can just do it for a few days, and save the res of the pack for a year from now for a touch up.

You can’t brush away stain, unless your toothpaste has a whitening agent, and then I am back to you might as well use the Crest strips. If you use whitening toothpaste it is only on yur teeth for a minute, you have to worry about bleaching out your towels, unless your towels are white, and you use the chemical daily.

If you just want to prevent them from getting yellower avoid coffee, tea, and dark colas.

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A lot of dentist offices advertise $99 teeth whitening. Save up the money.

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It may sound ridiculous, but here are 3 steps I found from a teen magazine for clean white teeth:

1. Wash your mouth with water.
2. Rub the back of a banana skin on your teeth for 2 minutes.
3. Wash your mouth with water again.

That will help, but not as good as a professional.treatments.

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Find 40 bucks and get the whitening strips. The key to a whitener is contact with the teeth, and that’s why the toothpaste only sorta works. The strips can be worn for 3o minutes, they wont stay on much longer. They work as well as the in office treatments.

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Your teeth are the way your Creator made them. Altering one’s appearance is vain.

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@CuriosityKills No they aren’t they are stained from things the OP put in her mouth over time.

@crushingandreaming The strips only work on yellowing stains. If your teeth are grey from childhood that is a different issue usually due to medication while you were young or a fetus, but I assume if it was from medication you would have been told by your mom or dentist. That doesn’t happen much anymore since we have so many drug choices now.

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@JLeslie Then her Creator made her teeth susceptible to stains. Concerning herself with and contemplating altering her appearance are still exercises in vanity.

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As someone wbo consumes a LOT of coffee, I have to say that if you want to have whiter teeth, you need to either take coffee out of your system (gradually of course, or you’ll suffer from withdrawal) or consume less of it.

I have used whitening tooth paste and it kind of works somehow. But I still think a proper visit to the dentist and a change in your diet would still do the trick.

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