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Do you honestly believe this and if so, how does it work?

Asked by Aster (18319points) February 28th, 2014

There is an old saying,
“Think positive and positive things will happen.”
I don’t believe it; do you?

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I do. We tend to notice the things we focus on. I know for myself, when I’m in a negative mood or thinking negatively, I notice a lot more negative things than positive things around me. When I’m in a positive mood or thinking positively, it’s the opposite. I’ve also noticed that when I’m in a negative mood, I am more closed off to the things/opportunities around me. When I’m in a positive mood, I’m more open to the things around me and more approachable to the people around me.

It also goes along with the saying, “if you think you can’t, you can’t”. Some people can be very self-limiting. When we doubt ourselves, we are more likely to second guess our options and not push as hard to get something done.

As with everything, there are always people that are opposite of this and do better when they feel like they working against the odds.

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Positive things won’t happen solely because you think positively, but a positive attitude can make it seem as if more positive things are happening to you.

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People would rather associate with positive people. The more positive you are, the more people are inclined to be around you or help you make things happen. So, in a way, you create your own path by choosing to be positive, and that will bring more positive things.

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No, but a positive attitude helps. Some people just have some sort of negativity beaming off of them and they’re not fun to be around.

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Practicing gratitude and consciously making the effort to find the ‘silver lining’ and valuable lessons in life’s challenges helped change me from a self-loathing, cynical pessimist into a self-actualized, hopeful realist. Bad things still happen, but I’ve learned to put it all in perspective and to not give it a priority position in my mind.

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No. But that’s what I always say to myself when things go wrong.

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Nah. What I do believe though, is if that something sucks, you try and think of a solution, and tackle the problem, instead of trying to wish it away.

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I do believe that thinking positive influences one’s basic physiology. Meaning we just feel better. Thinking positive would not really work as a band aid though. Thinking positive creates a whole better vibration about yourself, your health and your mind, so you tend to draw in better reactions. Think of a screaming child in pram, or a person shouting in a shop, people turn away for various reasons.In life if we think positively we get better experiences and experience the world in a better way.

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Positive thoughts on their own don’t do anything, but those positive thoughts can inspire a positive attitude and most importantly, positive action and that’s what leads to results.

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