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What is the median age range for Flutherians?

Asked by pleiades (6584points) February 28th, 2014

I’m just curious, what is your guess!

I’d have to say age 33 is the median.

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MODS please move to Meta

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I think it’s older than the average internet user. There are plenty of us over 50’s here.

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How about teenage users?

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@Mimishu1995 We have way more older members than teens. I feel like I’m a lot younger than the average member and I’m 24.

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@Mimishu1995 You’re still way old for me. I’m 18 hehe

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I say late 40’s.

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Oh! I adressed the wrong person. I was talking to @livelaughlove21

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We do have many teenage users, me included. I do think, however, that we are probably above average.

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I’m 16, so….

My guess is that it varies. Anywhere from 13 to 103!

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Found Fluther at 50.3 I am now 54.2 lol
We all have our tribes, they blend well, except the young’uns don’t remember the 70’s. lol

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36 yeas old from my long form birth certificate which was stolen by my father.
50+ googolplex years unofficially from flashbacks and lengthy spiritual visions.

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Early 30s here, found Fluther when I was still in my 20’s.

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Also 36. Suck it teenie-boppers!

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not in a sexual way

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I agree with @JLeslie. Mid-40s sounds like a good guess. Now I want to know who the oldest Jelly is.

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@dxs There are a few in their 60’s & 70’s. I’ll let them name themsleves if they are so inclined.

@johnpowell Hey there sonny boy. Everyone under 35 is a kid to me now. lol

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@Coloma Then I’m your great granddaughter!

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Here’s a definition of median: “a value in an ordered set of values below and above which there is an equal number of values.”

I’d say that the mean age of the oldest and youngest jellies is about 45. My guess is that the number of jellies older than 45 is slightly greater than the number under that age. However, because my knowledge of jelly ages is limited to about 40 people, I’ll just go with 45.

Here’s a thread that provides a random cross-sampling of Flutheronian ages.

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@Brian1946 I never know that…

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What specifically did you not know?

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That there’s so many elders here :D
I thought that the median could be between 30 and 40.

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“That there’s so many elders here :D”
“I thought that the median could be between 30 and 40.”

It’s my pleasure that possibility gives you such a major smile. :D

Given the limits of my knowledge however, your estimate might be more accurate than mine.

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Eh I denno. It probably varies a lot. We might know if everyone posted their age, although I can understand if this may be private for some people. I’m 311 years old.

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If I had to guess, in the 30–40 range.

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I would tell you my age, but some of you may plagiarize it later.

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Unless you’re over 9000, then no, people would not.

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Or log in almost everyday and answer/ask/observe a lot each time you log in like me.

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kin creep :p

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I’m going to guess in the early 40’s, average.

I’m 53, or soon to be.

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I’m 41, and generally I enjoy the older jellies wisdom, which is one of my reason’s for being here.

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My age changed today while I was asleep, I’m all 32 anshit now.

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I am 12 billion years old. That will skew the average a little.

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@ragingloli Fuckin’ outliers…

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I’m -16000 years old. I’m not even born yet. In fact, I don’t even exist!

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@dxs Could you be so kind as to lend me your time machine? :)

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Old souls count. Actually I am 114.

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only one year older than me

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