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Should doctors add video game addiction to the medical encyclopedia of mental illnesses?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 28th, 2014

As child I was hooked on porn and video games and cartoons, I would skip weeks of school at a time and waste my time playing the time away… I was never caught until I asked why no truant officers are coming for me…I skipped 88 days in grade 7, 59 days in grade 8, and 29 days in grade 9… I passed because of a no fail policy and my math and language arts skills are messed up to today… I still will never know the difference between their and there on philosophical grounds. I made it to a Lutheran university because at the time It had a 60% admission average… We had free internet and cable, and I did it again, I skipped classes and missed meals, I tried my best and I passed the first year and failed horribly in the second. I ended up having a 2.3 out of 9 average and I was asked to leave. for a year, and I never came back.

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