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What is the rating for world of Warcraft?

Asked by berocky1 (698points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

my nephew wants it for his birthday and i was just wondering.

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I think teen. How old is your nephew?

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Scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the rating.

Can you play it without an account? I always thought is was about 15$ per month to play.

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It is by subscription. The game is practically free if you want to take the time to download it. Another option might be a pre-paid game card.

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Generally, online play is not rated by the ESRB.

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thanks! Do you know how much the prepaid card is?

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I believe $30.

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The game itself is $20 and comes with one month free. After that it’s 14.99 per month if you buy it month by month or you can buy the prepaid card for $30 that’s good for 60 days.

Since it’s multi player it’s hard to rate the game. You can’t really control what people say on the chat feeds or to each other but there is a feature that blocks cuss words.

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I allow my ten year old to play. You can block certain language if you like, and I’m sure you can turn chat off altogether if you’d like. There is some blood and violence obviously. I do however gave frequent talks with both my children about fantasy violence and violence in the real world. Games and movies are certainly a slippery slope for parents. What works for one child would be totally inapropriate for another. I’d probably run it by your nephew’s parents before you bought it for him.

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I know I keep asking questions but you are a great help. Do you know If the game is for macs and pcs?

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Yes. Both platforms. Not a pain at all. Follow ups are cool.

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so is it the same disk you would put on a PC?

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I believe so.

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Once again, answering an old question in case someone else stumbles on it. :-P

You should know though that any kid I’ve ever played with knows how to uncheck the language filter. There is no parental control other than a checked box. Kids will be kids and they will want to say SHIT instead of @#$%.

The game itself is teen. The gamePLAY is not rated as it is online content and cannot be. It ranged from kid talk to R. But generally people are reported for bad behavior, same as on Fluther.

You should know that if this kid wants the game you’re going to need to buy him World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King for him to enjoy the fll experience. Buying in prepackaged sets will be cheaper overall.

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